Parks and Recreation

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Is This the Office?

    That's the question many people would ask if they saw this episode, but as the show progresses throughout its seasons you will see a clear distinction between the two. This is a good start to the series but it's just a bit too similar to The Office at first. Amy Poehler does a great job as Leslie Knope as the series goes on. Just power through the first season and then the show gets better from there. Believe me, don't just write the show off because it seems unoriginal at first because you'd be missing out on one of the best TV shows of all time (in my opinion).
  • Pilot

    I have enjoyed this episode and the show itself. Looking back on it 's amazing how much the characters have grown since this Pilot. But I am not here to talk about the future, I am here to talk about this episode. I remembered seeing the promos for this show. I thought this has promise and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately this show had a couple strikes against it one it was the start of only 6 episodes for the season and two another simlar show (The Office) was already on the air. That being said I liked they only introduced a few characters. Lesile Knope is little bit like Michael Scott in their positiveness. I like that while she is a blonde, she is not all dumb, smart but not all snobby smart and still a good person who wants to have a good time (see the end). The friendship she stroke up with Ann Perkins seems genuine. Having seen all of these episodes of this series it may be unfair to say this. Andy at first comes off a douche, April as too "whatever" Ron kind of stiff and Tom as a "playa" but not in a good way. That is one thing that dragged down the Pilot. I think it was sweet that Mark is the reason that Lesile got the lot. What made this show had promise other then the great work of Amy Pohler was the citizens of the town. If you read my review (thank you) give this show a chance. Watch the whole first season and part of the second season to form a opinion.
  • Better then the office!

    The office can just be really brutal. Too many characters, too much confusion. Sticking with a few characters like this is a really good idea. It's definitely a lot more funny and a lot more uplifting. I can also tell that the set on this show is a lot more dimensional then the office. The office is well, just in the office. Amy Poland is an amazing character and actor. The opening scene was brilliant. This is one of my new favorite shows and I hope it survives. Well done and I can't wait to see more! One of NBC's best pilot!
  • Truly and utterly brutal.

    I was unsure of what to expect from Parks and Recreation. On one hand it could be the next big comedy, and on the other hand it is from the people who bring you The Office, and that show is like a gallon of milk three years past its prime.

    Parks and Recreation was like a bad SNL sketch that ran on for too long. This series shows zero promise whatsoever as its star is the quintessential example of an unfunny person. I actually laughed at a few Aziz Ansari lines, and the Bobby Knight reference but not to the extent where a smash hit comedy could be spawned by them.

    Rashida Jones is really the only funny or talented person on the cast and they have her playing the straight man, which is mind boggling. The Aziz character is sort of like a male Pam Beesly which does not work for a number of reasons.

    If NBC was banking on the success of this show, it might be time to file for bankruptcy.
  • Not very often will I give a show only one episode before completely writing it off.

    This is the most unfunny show I've seen in a very long time. Not a single time did I even come close to cracking a smile. I love Amy Poehler, but this just isn't for her. This definitely doesn't fit in with Office and 30 Rock, and I hope it gets canned really soon. My biggest gripe is that Aziz Ansari actually got another role on TV. This man has the comedic value equivalent to Carlos Mencia. Everything he tries to say comes out awful, and he attempts these facial expressions trying to be funny, but fails miserably. The rest of the cast was incredibly irrelevent. I was excited to see Rashida Jones back on TV, but they definitely should have just brought her back onto the Office. I will be shocked if the ratings don't drop by 50% for the next episode, I don't see how anyone could like this bland, forced humor.
  • Very good Pilot episode.

    I really started liking this show when I watched this episode, it was very smart, and funny. Plus I loved the theme song. I say the pilot or the whole show in general was smart because it is a pretty good idea for a pilot. A woman who works for the government wants to build a park. While her committee is her co-workers, a guy that she slept with, and the victims of a dangerous pit. I also like this show because it is sort of a huge arc, and it makes you want to find out what happens next in creating a huge park.
  • Decent Pilot Episode.

    This show had a Pilot that will be like The Office's. The Office's Pilot was not anything special. It was actually not that great at all. And so was this one. But just like the Office, It was a decent enough Pilot that did it's job, retained some viewers, had some laughs, and set the tone for the series. Of course there are some parts that are really funny, but well it does not hit that high, and that's normal. The only Pilot episode I really loved was My Name Is Earl's. All in all, Parks and Recreation is a good show with great actors and memorable characters.
  • A mid-level manager of a Parks dept in a midwestern town is determined to fulfill a promise made at a town-hall meeting: She will try to create a park from an abandoned condo construction site which is an eyesore/hazard. Shot doc-style (like The Office)

    In the first episode, the stage is set and the main storyline is established: A mid-level parks dept. manager will try to make good on a promise made at a town-hall meeting, to "fix" a public hazard/eyesore and turn it into a park. We see that she really has no clue how she is going to get this done and calls on the help of several others, who don't quite seem to share her level of enthusiasm or optimism. Still, she plods forward and no matter how many silly mishaps or obstacles pop-up in her way, she persists. If the first episode is any sign, this show could turn out to be a very funny one, at least for as long as the main story line lasts, though, they will probably have to develop another one at some point to keep it going for any length. This show should definitely be watched to see where it goes.
  • A good first attempt at Cloning...

    Before I go on with my review, I realize that this show is mearly the Office with different characters. Having said that, I still found it fairly funny. I am a fan of Amy Poheler and I do find her fairly funny. Leslie Knope is essentially a new maybe more naive version of Michael Scott and works for City Goverment. She loves her job and talking to the various towns peoples complaints. It is here that she learns about an abandoned pit that has been sitting in town for a year. She then commits to not only filling the pit, but turning it into a park. Unfortunately she doesn't realize all the problems with zoning that go into building a park there.

    There are some very interesting characters that work with Leslie. Tom seems like a very funny character who apperently has some marital problems. And then there is her boss who apperently hates working for the government and would rather work at a Chuckie Cheese. Mark seems like an intersting mysterious character too. I can't really tell exactly how much of a part Rashida Jones character will play in upcoming episodes since she doesn't work with the government like the others, but she is a great addition to the cast.

    If the series can establish its own identity then it could be a very great series. As it stands right now, it is just another version of the Office that is slightly inferior. There were some fairly hilarious moments and I hope that it will only get better.
  • Shows a HELL of a lot of promise!

    For its first episode, I'm really impressed with this show. Amy Poehler was both sweet and ridiculous at the same time while her entire supporting cast was fully aware of just how ditzy she is. But since she's so sincere about wanting to do good for her community, they can't help but like her. The similarities between the style of this show and "The Office" is unmistakable, but since both shows are being made by the same production staff, WHO CARES? Both shows are hysterically funny, and having two of something is ususally better than having one (no that was not meant to be dirty, so get your heads out of the gutter :)).
  • The next office

    This show reminded me so much of the the office, the way it was filmed and the people in the show, It was hilirious and outstandingly funny. If your a office fan like me watch this show you will love it and it will become a show you watch every week and get excited about to watch. There wasnt one thing about this show I didnt like from beggining to end it just had non stop laugh out loud moments i can already tell its going to be one of my favorite shows I watch weekly. Watch it you will enjoy it.
  • A pretty good start to a show that's a little too similar to The Office

    I refuse to judge the entire show based on one episode, since I remember the first time I watched the first episode of The Office, I wasn't entirely impressed. There were your good moments, and your bad ones, and just like that episode, the P&R premiere at its good moments and kind of bad ones. First of all, I have to say I loved Aziz Ansari's character. Whether he's on Human Giant, Scrubs or in Flight of the Conchords, he never fails to deliver, and he does the same here. I also liked Ann's boyfriend with the two broken legs. His "Could you make me pancakes really quick?" line was my favorite of the night. There were a lot of individual moments I liked, from Tom listing off the things Leslie does when she's drunk to Ron's "BOBBY KNIGHT!" yell. Overall, I think Greg Daniels and Mike Schur did a good job of introducing everybody.

    That being said, the show was VERY similar to The Office. I love The Office, and regardless of what people say, still find it to be a hilarious show that brings consistent laughs, but I hope P&R finds a way to step out of their shadow, because otherwise, the show won't be on long. And I hope it is, because I want to see some character development and see if the show can become more than a simple Office look-a-like. I'll keep watching to see what happens, and because Aziz Ansari's lines are GREAT.
  • Think the office but instead of Steve Carrel we have Amy Poehler and instead of a paper company we have a local government.

    As far as a first episode goes this actually was quite good. What we can see is some strong characters having humble beginnings and the roots of a solid comedy in the making.

    If I could refer to you a comedy show that would give you a similar experience then I would say the Office. But that is hardly surprising seen as the creators were the minds behind The Office. It is shot in the same style, the characters are very quirky all the while being grounded in a realistic environment.

    For the first ep the lead character (Amy Poehler) wants to help her community by filling a pit and creating a park out of it. This comes from the outcry of a local resident (Rashida Jones) who explains that her dead beat boyfriend fell down it and now has two broken legs.

    If there was a serious gripe about this show it would be that it is way too much like the office. But for the sake of it being a pilot I will hold judgement until it stands on its own two feet and carves out a style of its own. On the plus side the characters seem strong and the scenario and environments are good background for what can be some really funny set pieces. A solid start but it will take a few more eps to get a good idea of where this one is going.
  • Amy Poehler we meet again.

    Make my pit a park
    - This is the pilot episode or in other words the first episode of the show. Amy Poehler shows promice and her comedy talent as she goes around a park seeing what people think of that certain park. Such as a little girl in the sand, and a hobo living in the slide. Her character is sent to public meeting because nobody else wants to and is backlashed from all over. One of the people tells her about this pit near her house. She gets excited when she says she will make it a park. This will be her Hoover Da.m She vists the park and soon doesnt get hurt when she falls in. As the episode ends she is told that she has the right to make the pit a park. Overall the show had to start somewere. And in great ways of providing a plot that works.
  • Amy Poehler leads a fantastic new cast.

    From the creators of The Office, it would be hard for this show not to make me laugh a little and it did just that. While it may not be as hilarious as The Office, the characters and the witty tongue-in-cheek comedy kept me watching and gave me a few laughs. My only hope for this show is that it separates itself from the comic genius of The Office and the characters and stories become a little more original. The cast is great, and the characters are very likable. I'll definitely be tuning in, if not for the laughs then for the characters.
  • Promising first show.

    The pilot episode was pretty good, with strong similarities to "The Office" style formatting, which I have no problem with. As of now the characters may seem a little dull or too similar to "The Office" itself, but as with the previously mentioned show, I believe this one only needs time to hit its stride and flesh out its characters. I expect the show to improve significantly over the course of the season, with a lot of potential for expansion with subplots and the different characters' personalities being worked out. Overall, set up the foundation for what could be both a humorous and enjoyable plot.
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