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  • Deedle Dee productions playing on the formula that made The Office a hit...but not as well.

    Well, Deedle Dee productions figured what worked once will work again...hence, Parks and Recreation. But it just doesn't work as well this time around. Parks and Recreation seems to me to be a testimony to the television industry's fear of creativity and originality and the stick to the old formula mentality at any cost. The Office, based on a hit British series worked quite well...I liked it a lot for my own reasons (see my review for The Office) but I found Parks and Recreation a little difficult to sit through. None of the characters managed to strike a nerve with me one way or the other. I'm surprised this one's been around for three seasons.
  • I can't stand this show.

    This is the worst show I've seen since Always Sunny. All the actors except the shoe polisher guy are terrible. The young girl just has no emotion whatsoever and it's extremely annoying to listen to her. The blond bitch is annoying with her exagerated enthousiasm. And the Indian guy is just pure annoying. He's stupid as hell. I've only had like one chuckle ever with this show. If somebody likes this show, the only thing that comes to my mind is that you have a terrible sense of humor. Comedy Central is ruining my vacation by putting this show so many times a day. Every time i see this show is on i feel like hitting my head against the wall. Conclusion: this show is made by the devil to annoy smart people.
  • Don't care for show

    I truly don't care for the show.
  • Unoriginal

    Where do I start... should I start with how the show in not original (carbon copy of The Office); or with how Amy Poehler is not funny; or that NBC is trying waaaay too hard to compete with the other networks. They cancel good shows like My Own Worst Enemy; keep horrible shows like the new Knight Rider, The Apprentice, Friday Night Lights, Kath & Kim, My Name is Earl, Howie Do It, 30 Rock; and then bring us unoriginal shows like Parks and Recreation.

    As for Parks... watching it was almost painful. I watched the whole episode but almost turned it off twice. Amy is not funny... she is trying to be quirky and uncomfortable like Michael Scott from The Office. It's already been done, no need to do it again. As for Aziz Ansari (Tom in the show), he too was not funny, nor was he funny on Scrubs this year - maybe that's why he's not on the show anymore. And I did not care for Nick Offerman's character Ron. The show and it's so called comedy, felt very forced.

    Stop TRYING to be funny, and just BE funny. But I don't think it's going to happen with this show.
  • You must be joking...

    As pathetic, moronic and stupid as "The Office". Hard to believe this is still running, I was never able to endure a whole single episode, Poehlers permanent stupid expression and clueless jokes are worse than a root canal.
  • Parks and Recreation: Worst Thing You've Ever Seen or So Abysmal you Wanted to Rip your Eyes Out?

    Parks and Recreation: Worst Thing You've Ever Seen or So Abysmal you Wanted to Rip your Eyes Out?

    I can't decide. First, let's look at the pros, if there really are any in the first place. The boss guy with the mustache was, in my opinion, freaking hilarious! And in the end when he had that sod-off shot gun. Seriously died of laughter. So, he's good in my book. Aziz was also humorous, but I feel like they need to give him better lines or writing cause it seemed like they ignored his character's potential as being amazing. Like a Dwight. That's it. Cons: First, Amy Poehler. Don't get me wrong she was one of the funnier ones on SNL, but her character A.) Isn't funny. B.) Tries too hard to be funny. C.) Is like a woman version of Michael Scott, but not funny and D.) Just plain annoying! They need to change her character and soon and start coming up with a better way to make her humorous because its not working. Second, Rashida Jones. Can't stand her. Couldn't stand her on The Office. Can't stand here now. She's not that good of an actor. She isn't funny. She's kind of awkward. Plus, her being in the Office and now in this show doesn't help the viewer try to distinguish the two. Third, Carbon Copy of the Office. Now, this is kind of a given as its by the producer and writers of the Office and originally was going to be an Office spin off until they changed that idea. But, it's TOO much like The Office. But it also removes all the awesome things about why we like The Office. So it's kind of a crappy, half-hearted version of The Office. Fourth, mediocre writing. The comedy wasn't there. The story was boring. The premise is just lame. There is nothing making me want to keep watching. I have no connection to the characters. It feels like they just slapped a ton of garbage together and said "This should work". Did they even screen the show? Did they like seriously say those lines and think "that's funny"?

    They best get their act together otherwise it'll get canceled after 5 episodes. Rating: D+
  • Wow, unbeleivable how they ruined this show.

    I have never seen anything like what the writers have done with this show. It went from suck, to good, to really good, to so so, to sucks butt.

    Leslie's political views and general life dogma couldn't possibly be any more ridiculous at this point. If in the next episode she was somehow lost at sea, the show would actually improve probably.
  • Old Chestnut

    As a mega fan of The Office "Parks" was a huge disappointment. The only reason I even gave it 3 stars is because Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is the best character I've seen since Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) was another strong character. The show just became stagnant and lacked depth as it went on. The show became politically cliche. The citizens are all idiots and the "do-gooder" councilwoman played by Amy Poehler cares about people so much that she knows whats best for the sheeple. She lives in a town of obese people, who love big gulps the size of popcorn buckets with greasy burgers and see life through there own idiotic self satisfying lenses. In one episode Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) goes to a pawn shop and tells the cashier he needs his help with something. The cashier said he had just what he's looking for and pulled out a bucket of guns to sell him. It was nauseatingly obvious the message they were pushing which I can stomach if the show is funny but it only had funny moments. It was not a show where I was excited for the next episode to air and it the story line was boring to follow. Good news is "Archer" will be back in Jan of 15'.
  • In all 23 minutes of the pilot, I kinda laughed one time.

    I just watched the pilot in light of Chuck ending and being caught up on everything else. I made it to about minute 21 and just shut it off. I was only ever able to muster up one little chuckle during the entire pilot and it was a weak one anyway.

    The star (can't remember her name) is a little irritating. I liked Rashida Jones a lot in the Office and she seems to have a good role going for her on this show, but the premise of the show is kinda strange and the characters aren't as funny as they are advertised in my opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of people who can find the beauty in this show but I am not one of them.

    In all fairness, I still think it's better than, say, Friends or Big Bang Theory for example. But then again, those shows are beyond awful. My rating is entirely objective, I have no real biases here. If someone can convince me that the show gets funnier after the pilot then I will think about giving it another shot later on.

    Oh and by the way, the Indian guy seemed like he'd get funnier as the show goes on. I recognize him but I can't recall from where. The show gets a 6.5 instead of a 6 for that.
  • The Office but for the outdoors.

    - From the writers and creators of the Office comes the new blend of what life is like in the low form. As people from the offices of parks and recreation get there due. Amy Poehler is the head characters in this show. Usually i dont like Amy, mostly from her SNL days. But now that she isnt playing every character i tolerate her. With the supporting cast playing around Amy's weird and out of her mind character. It's nice and different type of comedy that is way better than that Kath and Kim thing, show. Overall, NBC, u got a good one in her hands dont let this go. Let it grow like 30 Rock and u'll have a hit on ur hands.
  • My new favorite show

    I never watched the show, but was always interested in it. So i bought season 2 on itunes, and fell in love with the show. I bought seasons 3 and 4 so im all caught up now and i must say its much better then most of the comedys on tv right now. Recommend it to anyone!
  • One of the best show's on TV

    I may have started watching the show mid-second season but since then I have watched every episode and what I can tell you is one of the best show's on TV. Seriously don't know why people have such a hard time liking it. I watched the first season. loved it. 2nd 3rd 4th they have all made me laugh so much. As far as people comparing this show to the office. I know they are similar but they are still seperate shows. Try watching the show with a more open mind you'll like it :)
  • what the office was trying to do but better!

    ppl who dont like this either dont get it or hav'nt watched it and are jumping on a bandwagon, seriously one of the funniest things on t.v watch it!!!
  • Something for (almost) everyone

    It's just lovable. Funny and smart and I'm very happy that shows like this exist.

    It might have overstayed its welcome a little bit though.
  • kid yo

    Can I be april's dead pan kid? Please, or not I don't care.
  • One of the few shows that make me laugh...

    The fact that ratings for this show exist with a score lower than 9 is surprising as this show naturally encourages me to laugh, a rare experience to be sure. I'm the kind of person that enjoys the comedies of Archer, the Office, Family Guy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, I'm all over the map... and this show appeals to my zany side, my clever side and the side of me that enjoys watching character development.

    I'd rate this show a 10/10 but there's the possibility a show could one day appear that will make me laugh harder.
  • I love it!!

    I love this show even more now that 30 Rock has died. It's great to sit back and just be entertained. Cheers.
  • Office Spinoff?

    This show does a lot of things right but can't climb in the ratings too high on my scale because I feel like I'm watching The Office in a new setting. Leslie Knope is Michael Scott 2.0.

    Its not really a bad thing. The Office was great. But Parks and Rec seems to be a little ways off from creating its own identity.

    Of all the sitcoms to hook your boat to, The Office isn't a bad one though.
  • Great

    I was always more of a casual fan of this show than anything else. I liked different parts of it. My main problem with it is that I was never sure it was even about parks and recreation. The show made fun of politics a lot. There are right ways and wrong ways to do that, but I think that they did everything the way that worked best. I'm not sure yet if I'll get DVDs of this or not. But to everyone else, I hope that you enjoy it too because I had a fun time tune into it.
  • Parks and Recreation Series Review

    Parks and Recreation is an NBC sitcom somewhat similar in premise to The Office, but with the focus being on government politics rather than business politics. It's from the same people who do SNL and The Office so go figure.

    First off, the first few episodes are bad, but once you get through the first 4-6 episodes the show is nearly as good as The Office, and starts to come into its own. The series suffers in the beginning because it was trying way too hard to be the second coming of The Office. The show is shot documentary style, like The Office, with characters giving side interviews. Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live plays Leslie Knope, the leader of the Parks Department. Amy's problem in the first few episodes is that she came off less like a sitcom character and more like an SNL Skit character by overacting too much. Will Sasso from Mad TV has the same problem. Anyway, the Leslie character starts off as basically a female version of Michael Scott before hitting her own stride later on.

    Rashida Jones (Karen Filipelli from The Office) plays Ann Perkins, but early on you can't really tell the difference between her Ann Perkins character and the character that she played on The Office (Karen Filipelli). As the show wears on though, she starts to distinguish Ann Perkins from Karen Filipelli.

    Another thing that plagued Parks and Recreation early on was miscasting. Paul Schneider played Mark Brendanawicz, who was given the back story of a bad boy/playboy but it wasn't believable because Mark's character had absolutely no personality and came off more like a poor man's Jim Halpert. He was supposed to be this handsome playboy, but he just came off like a geek with no personality.

    April Ludgate is basically the ANTI-Kelly Kapoor. She's the exact opposite. While Kelly had the personality of a mindless, shopaholic, shallow tween... April is a sarcastic, quiet, emo kid who doesn't care about anything.

    Ron Swanson is like a more manly Dwight Schrute. He's not quite as over-the-top, but he fills the same sort of anti-government survivalist role and he's hilarious.

    Jerry Gergich is basically the punching bag of the group. Everyone picks on him similarly to Phyllis on The Office.

    Tom Haverford is another comedic character who hits it well. He's sort of like a younger more immature Indian version of Barney Stinson.

    Andy Dwyer is the resident moron that every sitcom has who seems to get dumber as the show wears on.

    Donna Meagle sort of fills comedic voids. She's alright too.

    Once the second season starts, the show gets really good. I urge EVERYONE who likes The Office to just hold on through the first season (Luckily, season one is only 6 episodes). The show takes about 6-8 episodes to really start to get into it. The series gets even better once Rob Lowe and Adam Scott join the cast as the "good cop/bad cop" supervisors who come in to fix the department. PLEASE give this show a chance. It's awesome once you get out of the first season.

  • Tongue-in-cheek humor at its best!

    Watching Amy Poehler's character of Leslie Knope be this wellspring of enthusiasm despite the utter disregard of the people around her and the mundane nature of her job is fabulous. I can't see anyone else playing this role with any degree of believability other than Poehler. Add to that the forced smile that she practically freezes onto her face for the benefit of the documentary camera that's following her every move and the positive spin she tries to put on every gaff and foible makes this show a genuine joy to watch. Perhaps we are finally past the days when canned laughter has to be added to let people know when something funny happened. Shows like this assume the audience knows what is going on and doesn't need everything spoon-fed to them. Well done. Very well done. Keep up the good work!
  • Ron Swanson Rules!

    Extremely hilarious, one of my favorite comedys, with a fantastic cast. character are likable and funny in a different ways. even the Jerry joke never gets old. highly recommend it!
  • Amazing Show!

    I was a little worried when I heard that the creators of the show had been the creators of The Office, because, let's face it, The Office sucks. I realized rather quickly, however, that Parks and Recreation far surpasses The Office. I hate to make the comparison between the two shows, but seeing as how they are both "mocumentaries" of sorts, it's difficult not to. I should explain myself and say that the faux documentary aspect is annoying in The Office, and it tends to bore me, which is one of the reasons for my concern that it would be another Office. I gave Parks and Recreation a chance because a friend with a markedly reliable taste in comedy recommended it to me. Boy, was I glad I took his recommendation seriously, Parks and Recreation is an incredibly funny show, and the mocumentary aspect serves as an enhancement, not a detriment, especially because the documentary-esque clips/interviews are not so predictable, like they tend to be in some shows, and they're typically funny and charming. The opening scene of the pilot had me believing the show was another Office. Amy Poeler interviews a child in a park about the amount of fun she's having. I figured it would be old people humor, which is what I consider The Office to be. However, I watched all of season 1 and some of season 2 in one shot and discovered that the characters develop well, are charming, and are deserving of episodes that center around them, as opposed to every episode being "Leslie-centric". These episodes centered around characters surface well into season 2, but they really assist the viewer in falling in love with the cast. Aziz Ansari can't miss, so I knew he would be funny, Amy Poeler's incredibly funny, and I'm becoming more and more of a fan of hers, Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson character is potentially the funniest sitcom character of all time (actually, I heard somewhere he was voted "funniest sitcom actor since Michael Richards as Kramer, which I agree with), Chris Pratt is awesome and classic as Andy, Aubrey Plaza is a great yin to the yang of the overly energetic Leslie, and is always funny, Rashida Jones is a cool "best friend" character, Adam Scott is cool, and a great match for Leslie, Rob Lowe is funny (and too much of him would be bad, so they do a fantastic job of using him with a proper amount of restraint), Retta's one-liners are funny (and, again, the small doses of her character are perfect), and in the true spirit of the show, I saved Jerry for last - awesome fall guy, and a good sport. My only complaint in terms of cast was Mark Brandanewicz, but he's gone anyway, so what's the difference? I highly recommend this show!
  • Another show that was good briefly

    Parks and Rec was a so-so show to start with but by the end of the first season and the start of the second the character development was making the show worth watching. Leslie's misguided over enthusiasm was easy to over look due to her rigorous work ethic and competency, leaving me with the feeling that I could put up with the stupidity of government if there were people with dedication like that. Ron Swanson of course was brilliant and easily provided the funniest moments in the show. But as the season has drudged on the insertion of the producers and actors obvious love affair with the democrat party and Leslie's gushing over Joe Biden, inserting partisan politics into the show has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. At the same time they have subtly changed Ron's character into a charactiture of what it was, he is now portrayed as an obstinate, sometimes ignorant, reckless, foolish and misguided representative of some type of obstructionist party who needs to be dragged into understanding the "right" position on issues.

    By episode 10 of season 5 they had beaten any desire out of me to follow the show, and I sit here having just watched episode 22 of the last season of the office (not great either, just the sap in me finishing up the story lines), looking for something to entertain me and I still can't bring myself to click play on s5 episode 11.
  • Used to like

    Most of season 1 (09)
  • The show makes me laugh out loud.

    The great thing about the show is that it does not take the easy way out. The characters are developing well and are going in directions that are far from predictable. The Tom Haverford character is refreshngly non-sterotypical without trying too hard to be. Also the character is funny without even saying a word. His facial expressions are priceless. The Leslie Knope character plays well with the other characters. She maintains her innocence without coming off as as cartoon character. However, it is the Tom charater that is the star of the show. The writers have been careful not to feature him too much at the expense of the other characters. Finally, the secondary characters as well as the one-shot characters contribute to the quality of the show because they are given great lines and are involved is meaningful storylines.
  • Big Mistake

    Started watching this show after binge watching The Office; for the 3rd or 4th time. It became very apparent that this show is an attempt to replicate The Office;. but after watching 4 episodes I became very unhappy with this show. The lead woman who is supposed to be the Michael Scott of this show is not all that funny. The level headed guy is a pure ripoff of Jim Halpert, if I watched this show before I ever watched The Office maybe I would have liked it, but I just find it awful.
  • Fantastic Show

    Season 1 is a cop of attempt at redoing the office, and meh. Starting season 2, just gets better and better. Start from scratch and enjoy.

    Edit:; just finished, ending was great. Leslie Knope could be a contender to vie for Pirate King, baller character and show.
  • This is Disney, pie-in-the-sky, flying in the face of modern TV convention stuff. And it's brilliant.

    The beauty of Parks and Rec was the way it morphed a sunny worldview with a wicked sense of humour. This is a light hearted, feel good, fun for the whole family series with an anarchic comic spirit that seems more appropriate for The Simpsons or Futurama.
  • My favorite show, next to The Office

    I do admit that it took awhile for me to get into the show. Although after watching The Office, I gave in to it. After awhile of avoiding the show, I decided that I should give it a try, and it was the best decision I have made in terms of TV shows. It is absolutely amazing. This show showed character development and growth in each and every one of the characters. I fell in love with all the characters. I would say that Andy Dywer and April Ludgate were probably my favorite out of all of them.

    This show even made me reflect on myself. It taught me to persist on what I believe in; to continue even if I fail, because there is never an ending.

    The humor to this show ranged from dry to adult humor and, knowing myself, I know that I'm in love with dry humor, so it made me laugh a few times. Of course, the humor would never compare to The Office because that show could make me cry tears of laughter. It must also be because the humor wasn't as extreme as it was in The Office. Nevertheless, the show was amazing and the ending made me cry because of the nostalgia it gave me.
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