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  • It doesn't make any sense how...

    It doesn't make any sense this show can be still so poorly rated? It's like reviewers came once to this page and rated the show during its first season, and then when the show got better and became the comedy gold that it is now...people just forgot to update their rating to a more appropriately higher score.

    Comedies work best when the ensemble work, and Parks and Rec is a show that has used this to their advantage. How unbelievably sweet is Andy and April making the cover of the Parks magazine? One of the best revelations on TV last year!
  • This show is so under rated, I almost don't have hope in humanity anymore. People need to recognize how amazing this show is.


    Im not gonna lie, the first season of Parks and Rec was slow to me and almost turned me away. But I'm so glad I did not stop watching this show. My friend convinced me to just stick with it and promised it would get better and wow, this show blows my mind. Best cast ever. This show is cute, FUCKING HILARIOUS, and there's a character for every type of viewer and they make it all work so well. If you like the Office, then you're gonna like this. This show needs a hire rating than 7.

    I also believe the world would be such a better place if every girl looked up to Leslie Knope and aspire to be just as Involved, committed, and caring. She's an example every person should follow actually.

  • Similar humor to the office but with a refreshing setting and scenario. I love this show!! It's light hearted and funny-perfect for unwinding after work and hanging out on the weekends!I highly suggest giving it a shot!!

    Similar humor to the office but with a refreshing setting and scenario. I love this show!! It's light hearted and funny-perfect for unwinding after work and hanging out on the weekends! Gives you insight to "government work." I highly suggest giving it a shot!!
    The first episode of season one may not call to your heart as much as the later episodes-the first time I saw Parks and Rec I saw an episode from season 3 and got instantly interested. My boyfriend and I began at episode 1, season 1 only a few weeks ago and we JUST finished season 2 last night! I love how realistic some of the scenarios are-financial crisis + TONS of lazy employees + one woman, Leslie, who is ready to conquer everything and become president! I love Leslie's sense of responsibility and moral responsibility-and that the show plays with her extremes in different situations (both good and bad). I also really respect the relationship that has developed between Leslie and her best friend, Anne (even if they do have some issues).
  • impressive, most impressive.

    i watched every episode of this show in it's first season run and i thought it was just okay. mediocre at best, and after watching every episode of season two, i got to say that this show has improved allot! whatever they have been doing with it has really changed my feeling for this show and i actually look forward to watching it now. for me, the characters who were not all that enjoyable before, but passable, have become characters that you care about now. i love the NBC thursday prime-time line up this season! community is awesome, parks and recreation is good now & the office is brilliant like always. :D
  • Dont get me wrong, i really like this show and i do complain about too similar to The Office, but its great fun to watch it and you should just forget about is just enjoy it.

    Im one of those people o got bafled by the similarities with the The Office, but thats it, after a few minutes we just forget about it and we do start to have a great time and with some akward situations, nerve racking sometimes, that do caracterize this kind of mockumentary. And the actors do really pull it off, althou this would be a better show if the actors were not so known to teh public. I think its going to need some time untill i have a truthfully opinion about this and any shows that started their first seasons now.
    In conclusion, forget about the office and see this as another mockumentary that talks about another reall life crisis: those green places we find on our citys and the busy world of minicipality affairs :D
  • Best show of all time.

    My favorite show of all time. The most hilarious, lovable, brilliant, underrated cast ever. Their character relationships are developed and heartfelt. Everything about this show tickles me and warms me to the bone. So sad to see it end.

    I am like most people who rated this show prior to the second season: I thought the show was awkward, boring, and really unfunny. Then, like magic, the second season changed the show practically overnight. Leslie became snappier and less of a punching bag, Ron became outright hilarious, and the interactions between the small cast are comedic GOLD. Many of the short lines are awesome. I am very glad I stuck around for the second season because now I look forward to it every Thursday - and it has yet to not leave me gasping for air because I am laughing so hard.
  • I fell-en in love with this show after getting it for Christmas.

    When i first got this show as a present i was a bit "m'eh" I only really knew Aziz Ansari from the cast, and the subject matter was not really of interest. But after about the third episode i just wanted to watch MORE! At first you just think the main character (Leslie Knope) is just an idiot, but there is something endearing about the character (brilliantly played by Amy Poehler) and her growing (if not unlikely) friendship with Ann (Rshida Jones) The Interplay between the characters is brilliant with some complex relationships and two camera filming adds depth to story and scenes.

    Also the silent comedy with the subtle looks of disdain (aimed at the Brilliant Knope) from Tom Haverford, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza. love Aziz Ansari's Improvised tangents & am glad to see that Aubrey Plaza's character is getting more of a role this season and am interested to see how things between April and Andy progress.

    As for comparisons between this and The Office; it's a mockumentary set (occasionally) in an office, here is where the comparison ends.
  • A pleasant suprise

    Parks and recreation Is a blatant rip off of the office and I still like it. the main reason why I decided to watch the show was Rashida Jones but I was quickly drawn in by Leslie knope (Amy poehler) A nutter with a heart the female Michael Scott as the character will forever be known and rightly so there is room for them both on TV. Hopefully as the show develops the supporting cast will fill out there rolls a lot more and we move the focus off Amy I hope they avoid the will they wont they situation like they had in the office as so many shows use this formula but that's what seems to draw people in there's a lot of work to do and the show has an uphill struggle being viewed as an office copycat might count against it when people hear about this show but my advice is try it out first and form your own opinion

    This is seriously my favorite show of all time. It has funny, original ideas and the characters all have a funny story line and character, and it's just hilarious. Like, how did Jerry get such a hot wife or how is Leslie not the President? It's just hilarious, don't know why this show is getting a 7.3.
  • Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of the Pawnee's Parks and Recreation Dept is determined to fill in the pit on Lot 48. With the help of Tom, Ron, April, Mark, Donna, Jerry and nurse Anne and Andy, Leslie encounters many hilarious events in the process.

    This is possibly my new favorite show. This is by no means an Office knockoff, this is better in that the show's pace is quicker and the main topic is much more interesting. Each of the main characters quirks and eccentricity complement each other nicely and make each of them lovable in their own way. The jokes are quick witted and smart and delivered just perfectly. This is truly an ensemble cast. Although Amy Poehler's character is the main character (Leslie), all other characters get about the same amount of screen time. Each character is essential in the show's storyline and it's clear that the writers do this purposely to maximize the show's effectiveness

    If you like the Office, as I once did, you'll like Parks & Rec. If you're a fan of Aziz Ansari, be prepared to laugh your butt off too. Parks & Rec is a fresh departure of the average NBC sitcom, and I hope the writers are able to continue writing quality episodes in the future.
  • A great follow-up.

    As The Office is getting more and more annoying, Parks and Recreation fills that Thursday night mockumentary hole you love you much. The Office is currently in its 6th year, and barely manages to bring in some laughter to the table. If you find the character of Michael Scott annoying and immature, you might just fall in love with Leslie Knope, who is sort-of Scott's female version, but with much more charm and much less annoyance. Every episode is significantly more enjoyable than the previous one, and it's safe to say, it's quickly growing to be one of the television's premier shows.
  • How This Show Is Different From The Office

    Season 1, this WAS an Office copycat. Leslie Knope was an inept bumbler who took her job so seriously that no one took her seriously. Her employees, especially the guys, were straight men. But the show changed in its second season, starting with Leslie Knope.

    Unlike Michael Scott, Leslie charms her employees into loving their job as much as she. She's highly capable and enthusiastic. She's cute as hell. Unlike Michael's employees, each of Leslie's is uniquely developed, hilarious, and--key word--lovable, strong enough to carry an episode on their own. Most shows are lucky to have one Great character who sticks with you: Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad, Coach McGuirk from Home Movies... IMO, Parks and Rec has at least three: Leslie, Ron, and Jenn Barkley.

    I stuck through Season 1 on Netflix because I had nothing else to do. It wasn't until "Hunting Trip," in Season 2, that I felt the show take a turn for the better. If you're a newbie, that's where I recommend you start. By the Season 2 finale, I felt so lucky to have stuck it out. Every episode from there to the end of Season 4 is hilarious. And I mean it. I love this show.
  • Don't give up on Parks and Recreation: The Second Season is so much better.

    The first season of "Parks and Recreation" was at times, mediocre, boring, and unfunny. It looked like a show that would tank the next season, creatively speaking. Thankfully, the great writers of "The Office" and this show pulled of a good premise and a great finale- superb, in fact. The second season started great, subtle and outlandish humor combined. "The Stakeout" and "The Practice Date" were perfect episodes, showing how this show, although a mockumentary is different from the office. At that time, Parks and Recreation was becoming a good show, more than making up for the truncated first season, both in episodes and the amount of comedy. Then, came other great episodes like "Ron and Tammy" and "The Camel." They had great plots, interesting stories, and most of all, hilarious lines, talking heads, ect. However, the ratings continue to go down. If the ratings do not go up, it may be cancelled. And this show is one of the best shows on television, maybe behind "The Office" and "30 Rock." But, with only a few episodes out as of now, I'm sure it will be as good, if not better than them. To sum up, watch this show. The first season, overall, yes, was simply, unfunny. But starting with the first season finale this show slowly but surely became a comedy that creatively was near perfect. But if the ratings keep going down, this amazing show may not get a third season. I almost gave up on this show early, but don't do it, it's as hilarious as the other great NBC Thurday shows.
  • This show has turned into the best show on the Thursday night line-up. Really, two words sum it up perefectly...Ron Swanson.


    This show has turned into the best show on the Thursday night line-up. I just love it! he first season didn't start off the best, but you could sense that it was going somewhere great...and it did! They have developed the characters so well, without tiring them out. A wonderful show that just keeps getting better. Really two words sum it up perefectly...Ron Swanson. BTW-Whitney sucks.

  • Leslie Knope is trying to turn a pit into a park, while working for the mid-level government. She takes her job very serious and creates a comity, including Ann Perkins whose boyfriend fell in the pit, and some of Leslie's co-workers.

    'Parks & Recreation' is possibly one of the funniest shows I've seen in years. Dry, retarded humor with comical situations, P&R has a wonderful talented cast lead by Amy Poehler who was barely funny in 'Baby Mama' but hits every joke as an obsessed and kind of sad government person who does whatever to make herself believe she's important. Also the relations between the characters, and the charactes themselves are very interesting and you are immediately invested in them. The show is very, very funny and has great episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this in the future because this just might be a new weekly half hour of good laughs.
  • What I want to say is...

    If there were only more Leslie Knopes in this world, it would be a much better place! I really needed to say that. And, of course, the show is great.
  • If you didn't like it, then go live in Eagleton

    This is one of the smartest and most addictive show on TV today.
  • If you like The Office, but sometimes find Michael painful to watch, then you will like Parks and Recreation.

    The Office makes fun of the business world; Parks and Recreation does the same thing to the world of government bureaucracies. That was always a great concept, but it sometimes felt a little forced in season 1. In season 2, however, Parks and Rec has really found its zone, and it no longer feels like the show is just trying to be The Office, Part 2. The main difference is in the tone of the show. Whereas The Office always kept a bit of the bitter humor of its British predecessor, Parks and Recreation is a sweet show. All of the characters are basically good people who want to do the right thing. For example, unlike Michael in The Office, who is occasionally nice but mostly is a selfish jerk, Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation is genuinely goodhearted. Even the bad guys of season 1 (Mark and Andy) had some redeeming qualities, and both have been reworked in season 2 to make them more sympathetic characters.

    Overall, it's a refreshing and different take on the mockumentary. Without any major adversaries in the main cast (like Michael and Dwight in The Office), the comedy in Parks and Recreation comes from the situations the characters find themselves and the guest-stars who play one-time antagonists, such as the Venezuelan diplomats, or Ron's ex-wife. So far, this has worked well, since the acting is so good, but it does seem like Parks and Recreation will live or die by the quality of its guest stars.
  • Brilliant show

    Character development and heartfelt moments are the strongest suit in this show. You'll find yourself becoming increasingly invested in the characters as the seasons go on. It's sad to see it go, but it ended gracefully.
  • Parks and Recreation is being compared to The Office and is said that it does not meet The Office criteria and/or this show is a wannabe The Office. These comments are more hilarious than the show itself!

    "Parks and Recreation" is being compared to "The Office" and is said that it does not meet "The Office" criteria and/or this show is a wannabe "The Office". These comments are more hilarious than the show itself! How can this show be a wannabe when it comes from the same producers of "The Office". Anyways, seeing the Pilot of "Parks and Recreation" and continuous episodes, I think they couldn't have cast a better group of characters. The characters put so much life into the show. You have one character who makes you chuckle, and another who simultaneously backs the chuckle up with a hysterical laugh.
    I also enjoy the theme of the show and how the Parks Department of the show helps to make the city of Pawnee a better place for everyone, environmentally speaking.
    Amy Poehler does an amazing job performing her character as Leslie Knope. Her comedic intellect in the show just makes you want to laugh. She performs actions of her character that the character herself doesn't find funny, but the viewers do!
    I also think the other characters of this show really are the gravy and corn to the Turkey. Nick Offerman does great portraying his character of seriousness and boss-like business. Aziz Ansari is also another hilarious character who, if this show didn't have, it wouldn't be as comedic. Aubrey Plaza, who portrays April, is quite amusing also. Her speechless facial expressions, show off the other characters stupidity.
    This show is nothing compared to anything else on television. The Parks department of this show is superb and no other characters of any other show can compare to this show's optimistic and comedic cast.
  • the best show on thursday night that isn't the office

    Season 1 of this show really sucked but season 2 has been pretty good thus far. Now this show is by no means any where near as good as the office but it is still a funny and enjoyable show. The characters are likable and funny. Tom is hilarious and so is leslie and that guy who is the boss or whatever is the funniest one. For thursday nights this season the office is top, this is second, 30 rock(REALLY overrated) is third, and community is last. I'm really excited to see how this show goes and i enjoy watching it whenever i have the time
  • Brilliant

    While I wasn't a fan of the first season, the rest of the seasons made up for that. It was comedy but it left a permanent affect on my being. These characters taught me a lot about failure and success.
  • The Best Show on TV

    It's not an Office clone. Get past the first season and you'll be hooked as it gets substantially better.
  • A show that yet to be appreciated for it's clever and outsanding quality and for it's pure "hilarious-ness"

    "The show is so similar to The Office?... please! The season 1 of the show is "so-so" and yes the season 1 has that "the office" vibe. But the season 2 has this tremendous quality and creative comeback. Every episodes made me laugh, literally!

    The characters are engaging and always "game" and on timing. My favorite character is of course Amy Poehler's character 'Leslie Knope'. She deserves to be recognized for her work here.... And yes this show deserve to be recognized!

    Right now, this show is on the verge of getting cancelled. The bad rating and bad reviews here is ruining this so so great show. I dont understand why people hate this show. TV Critics love this show now! Why not the viewers? They would rather watch comedy show with laught track and low quality and don't deserve that viewers they get each week.

    Bottom Line: The show is creative and really, i mean, really funny. If you dont think so, well you a bad taste in terms of finding which show is great which show is not!
  • Quirky and fun

    Just so good. Wtf.
  • Pawnee 1st in friendship 4th in obesity

    I love this show it is one of my all time favorite comedies, i love the cast and just everything about it
  • Can someone explain why people do the things they do?

    After watching the first two episodes of this show, I have been pleasantly surprised by this new series and I plan to give it a chance to develop and grow. Some of the other people who have written harsh reviews for this show, however, have not even tried to give the show a chance. Several users have even stated in their "review" that they haven't even seen the show once. Sound familiar, cactusjack39? Worst of all, they put ratings and reviews to episodes that HAVEN'T EVEN AIRED YET! It seems so silly and so pointless to rant all over a show for no reason than to annoy others. To then make your profile private is just plain cowardly and childish.

    Let me remind everyone that these forums are to put forth genuine reviews and valid arguements as to why a show is worth watching or not. To simply say "It sucks" is little more than vandalism of the show guide. If you don't like the show or a particular episode, then explain why in an articulate and intelligent manner. Don't just scribble a few profanities and then run away.
  • I have never watched The Office so I really didn't get the comparisons to that show and why people called it a spin-off. I was really intrigued in the beginning because it was hilarious and the plot was very well thought out.

    To be honest, I am not really a comedy show guy but I do watch them. This show made me laugh my ass off. I was so surprised to see how this show turned out to be. I thought it was going to be good, but not that good. I did know Amy Poehler before by Mean Girls, Baby Mamma, and I watched a little bit of Saturday Night Live so I was thrilled to see what she brought in her own show and it was something great. She is one of the main reasons why this show succeeded in the beginning and why it got renewed for the second season. I can't wait to see the storylines of season two, but I know they're going to be good.
  • I love Love LOVE this show! Will miss it dearly.

    I love Love LOVE this show! Will miss it dearly.

    Check out this cool Parks & Recreation intro with the characters of Family Guy: 1kHCM
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