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  • Amazing Show!

    I was a little worried when I heard that the creators of the show had been the creators of The Office, because, let's face it, The Office sucks. I realized rather quickly, however, that Parks and Recreation far surpasses The Office. I hate to make the comparison between the two shows, but seeing as how they are both "mocumentaries" of sorts, it's difficult not to. I should explain myself and say that the faux documentary aspect is annoying in The Office, and it tends to bore me, which is one of the reasons for my concern that it would be another Office. I gave Parks and Recreation a chance because a friend with a markedly reliable taste in comedy recommended it to me. Boy, was I glad I took his recommendation seriously, Parks and Recreation is an incredibly funny show, and the mocumentary aspect serves as an enhancement, not a detriment, especially because the documentary-esque clips/interviews are not so predictable, like they tend to be in some shows, and they're typically funny and charming. The opening scene of the pilot had me believing the show was another Office. Amy Poeler interviews a child in a park about the amount of fun she's having. I figured it would be old people humor, which is what I consider The Office to be. However, I watched all of season 1 and some of season 2 in one shot and discovered that the characters develop well, are charming, and are deserving of episodes that center around them, as opposed to every episode being "Leslie-centric". These episodes centered around characters surface well into season 2, but they really assist the viewer in falling in love with the cast. Aziz Ansari can't miss, so I knew he would be funny, Amy Poeler's incredibly funny, and I'm becoming more and more of a fan of hers, Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson character is potentially the funniest sitcom character of all time (actually, I heard somewhere he was voted "funniest sitcom actor since Michael Richards as Kramer, which I agree with), Chris Pratt is awesome and classic as Andy, Aubrey Plaza is a great yin to the yang of the overly energetic Leslie, and is always funny, Rashida Jones is a cool "best friend" character, Adam Scott is cool, and a great match for Leslie, Rob Lowe is funny (and too much of him would be bad, so they do a fantastic job of using him with a proper amount of restraint), Retta's one-liners are funny (and, again, the small doses of her character are perfect), and in the true spirit of the show, I saved Jerry for last - awesome fall guy, and a good sport. My only complaint in terms of cast was Mark Brandanewicz, but he's gone anyway, so what's the difference? I highly recommend this show!