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  • Another show that was good briefly

    Parks and Rec was a so-so show to start with but by the end of the first season and the start of the second the character development was making the show worth watching. Leslie's misguided over enthusiasm was easy to over look due to her rigorous work ethic and competency, leaving me with the feeling that I could put up with the stupidity of government if there were people with dedication like that. Ron Swanson of course was brilliant and easily provided the funniest moments in the show. But as the season has drudged on the insertion of the producers and actors obvious love affair with the democrat party and Leslie's gushing over Joe Biden, inserting partisan politics into the show has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. At the same time they have subtly changed Ron's character into a charactiture of what it was, he is now portrayed as an obstinate, sometimes ignorant, reckless, foolish and misguided representative of some type of obstructionist party who needs to be dragged into understanding the "right" position on issues.

    By episode 10 of season 5 they had beaten any desire out of me to follow the show, and I sit here having just watched episode 22 of the last season of the office (not great either, just the sap in me finishing up the story lines), looking for something to entertain me and I still can't bring myself to click play on s5 episode 11.