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  • Parks & Recreation: A Show to Grow On

    Having watched every episode of every season so far, I have to say that the show has had its ups and downs, mostly ups though. When I first sat down to watch it, I wasn't too impressed. Completely bored in fact with the utter lack of humor in the show. I was wondering how the show got the Golden Globe nominations it did. The acting and character development were abysmal. I was on my way to just quitting watching the show, but finding nothing else to do I piled on. The first season passed with barely a mark being made in my head.

    The second season was a vast improvement to the first. The laughs were far more frequent and Poehler really began to shine. To be honest, the only thing that kept me going till that point was Nick Offerman's character. But then, I had a whole bunch of reasons to keep watching. One of the best things that happened to the show was getting rid of Paul Schneider. His acting was - in a nutshell - weak. He was the thing holding the show down. It's no wonder that ever since his exit from the show the laughs have been getting better and the show just manages to hold your attention.

    Season three was the season Parks and Rec hit gold. Making Rob Lowe and Adam Scott part of the main cast was genius. This is around the time when I began to fall in love with the show. Everything about it just became infinitely more interesting.

    The remaining two seasons continued the high brought on by the change in cast. Everyone else just seemed to get better as well. Ansari became funnier, Offerman more bad-ass, Plaza more quirky, Pratt more silly, Jones more expressive and Poehler more effervescent.

    I was about to give up on the show, but I'm glad I plowed through the first season. If you got frustrated early on and decided to never watch the show again, I IMPLORE you to give it another go. Everything wrong with the show became everything right with it. Parks and Recreation - an incredible comedy to grow on.