Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 14

Road Trip

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • Ben and Leslie are complicated

    After a great episode in the previous one, this was bit of a downer. Overall this was a good episode. From the end of Season 2, the producers have slowly and subtly putting together of Ben and Leslie. I like that they did this. I enjoyed their little byplay. However I think some of the scenes were a little awkward. It was funny when Chris came in to congratulate them. I also liked that whatever chance that Ben and Leslie could get together would not happen. The B Story was also funny. When Andy and April got married, it was on a whim. But it worked. This was the first test for them. It was weird seeing Andy sad/mad like that. What April did for Andy was really sweet.

    The ending of the episode was really great. Depending on how the series goes, it could down iconic.
  • Ben and Leslie go on a road trip.

    Man, NBC should do more of these "two half-hour" episode blocks of "Parks and Rec." There's a big difference in The Office doing ONE hour long episode and Parks doing two half-hour episodes... the Parks and Recreation method is way more enjoyable.

    Anyways, back to the episode: I've heard people flip flopping on what episode was better, this one or "The Fight." The fact that it's so difficult to choose is a true testament to the quality of the show. For me, "The Fight" was a bit better, but this was still a pretty darn good episode.

    Leslie and Ben, who's sexual tension is at an all time high, attempt to avoid each other to avoid a possible hook-up. Chris mentioned early in the season that people in the government can't date each other, but Leslie and Ben like each other too much (watching Amy Poehler and Adam Scott tip-toe around each other is pretty hilarious to watch). However, their plans are foiled after Chris forces them to go to a meeting in a different town to bid on having a Little League tournament in Pawnee. This puts them both in awkward situations where they want to be with each other but can't for fear of being caught.

    On the other side, we have Tom getting the entire department to test out a new game show he's trying to create. I believe it's called "Know Ya Boo." Anyways, Andy and April team up against Jerry and Donna, and much to everyone surprise, Jerry and Donna know more about each other than Andy and April (even though Jerry and Donna aren't "boos." For the first time in the show, Andy and April's relationship seems strained, and for the first time, possible repercussions of their quick marriage seems as if it's rearing its ugly head.

    That being said, both storylines not only come to a satisfying close, but both also have their fair share of hilarious moments. With Leslie, Ben and Chris' plot, it's Leslie's mixtape of banjo songs, whale sounds and Taiwanese tutorials, Ben's reaction to said banjo songs, Chris air strumming to the songs, his proclamation that he has "a bladder the size of a thimble." Then, there's the kiss between Ben and Leslie, which isn't quite as momentous as Jim and Pam's or even Andy and April's, but it still stands out among other hook-ups on other TV shows. Some have complained about how fast they've hooked up, but don't complain until you see the rest of the story is my thought process.

    As for April and Andy's plot, I loved the Neutral Milk Hotel references as well as the return of the "Pit" song. An all around great episode of "Parks" here.
  • 314

    And Parks and Rec is back to how it was in the beginning of the season. Better than great, a superb installment tonight that definitely was eventful. I felt like they got Ben & Leslie together too soon though. I feel the same about Andy & April, but at least they had 2 seasons of development.

    The Ben & Leslie hinting started this season, and they already are going to get together mid-season? Don't get me wrong, their scenes were great, but hopefully they have something else to keep fans tuned in. Interested in seeing how it will play out though. Will they have to break up cause of their job? Or will they not? Guess we'll have to wait till the next episode to find out.

    Ron talking to the little girl about the government was hilarious and just added on to how great the episode was as a whole. I think the Andy & April interactions were the best though (as always). The only setback would have to be Ann though, does anyone else find her really annoying? Oh well, overall this was definitely the best episode in recent memory.
  • I haven't been this happy about on-screen chemistry since Jim and Pam during "Casino Night."

    Oh my goodness. Leslie and Ben. I am so glad that he stepped up when Leslie was obviously just getting in her own way. But still, I have to talk about the obvious comparison.

    I only reason I started/continued watching The Office was because of the adorable romance between Jim and Pam. BUT, I now dislike it when Pam is onscreen because I find her so annoying. The romance was lost even before they got married, and definitely in those awkward episodes after Pam gave birth to their baby. But with Leslie and Ben, I know I will never dislike half the pair. I started watching because Adam Scott joined the cast (and I'm so happy I followed him to this show), so I know that I will always regard Ben highly. And Leslie Knope is Leslie Knope. How could you not like her once you get to know her?! So basically, P&R is guaranteed to succeed where The Office sadly failed me.

    And then finally, the actual kiss. Be still my heart. Does perfect describe that kiss? Why yes. Yes it does. And the sexual tension leading up to it? Could be cut with a knife! Again, I say oh my goodness. I hope this romance never ends.