Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 14

Road Trip

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • I haven't been this happy about on-screen chemistry since Jim and Pam during "Casino Night."

    Oh my goodness. Leslie and Ben. I am so glad that he stepped up when Leslie was obviously just getting in her own way. But still, I have to talk about the obvious comparison.

    I only reason I started/continued watching The Office was because of the adorable romance between Jim and Pam. BUT, I now dislike it when Pam is onscreen because I find her so annoying. The romance was lost even before they got married, and definitely in those awkward episodes after Pam gave birth to their baby. But with Leslie and Ben, I know I will never dislike half the pair. I started watching because Adam Scott joined the cast (and I'm so happy I followed him to this show), so I know that I will always regard Ben highly. And Leslie Knope is Leslie Knope. How could you not like her once you get to know her?! So basically, P&R is guaranteed to succeed where The Office sadly failed me.

    And then finally, the actual kiss. Be still my heart. Does perfect describe that kiss? Why yes. Yes it does. And the sexual tension leading up to it? Could be cut with a knife! Again, I say oh my goodness. I hope this romance never ends.