Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 8

Ron and Tammy

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • Ron's ex wife visits

    This was one of the best episodes of not just the season but the entire series so far. From start to ending, it was laugh out loud funny. There are characters that really shine in this episode. Andy finally gets a job, an important part for him. I liked the beginning when old Gus was retiring and gave that speech. I love it when Andy said "classic" when everyone else was feeling awkward. I enjoyed seeing Rom crumble in front of Tammy. Before Ron was a man's man. Someone who doesn't flinch. It's good he has a weak side. I thought it was funny that even though Ron can't smell (because of his ex wife) he could sense her when she enters the building. I also love their fights. If you watch the DVD, watch the deleted scenes. They are great. I also liked how Andy was trying to win Ann back while trying to be cool about. It was this episode you get to see the Andy we all know and love. This was a very brilliant episode.
  • No one can say "Parks and Rec" is "The Office," are so similar, "The Office" is the original, "Parks and Rec," is unfunny and miscast. "Ron and Tammy" proves them all wrong.

    "Ron and Tammy" is an installment worth watching. Megan Mullaly and Ron Offerman were great in their roles as Tammy and Ron and Leslie getting all caught up in their relationship and trying to act as the savior of the couple was great. Leslie, actually, made everything worse. Ron had quote after quote and the comedy isn't dumb-it's smart. Tammy's ways of slowly driving someone crazy was great and to finally see Leslie and Ron realize that Satan's butthole was actually much worse than just a bad ex-wife was hilarious to see. Seeing Leslie try to get Tammy to stop by making her not a government gal anymore was great. Andy having all those pictures of Ann was weird to and that side plot was great. Overall, another classic from "P & R."
  • A little lackluster, but strong and building the show.

    Ron finally gets an episode that revolves almost solely around him, which is interesting-with a guest appearance from Megan Mullally as his ex-wife Tammy, we're given a pretty up and down, hilarious rollercoaster of sexual dominance and mean-spirited back and forth between the characters while also dealing with Ann, Mark, and Andy in a pretty well balanced episode about exes. None of my favorite moments really happen here (no, say, Tom dropping his gains into the park fund or strange outbursts from April), but it's a fantastic character-builder, and the sort of thing to expect from a early-mid-season episode. Fair.
  • Very good installment, and yet another stand-out for Ron Swanson.

    I've mentioned in the past that I've enjoyed how Andy and Leslie and Tom have all stood up and proven to be formidable actors and actresses who have helped this show improve in ways I didn't think was possible. However, Ron stepped up in this episode, showing why he's also a force to be reckoned with.

    Parks and Recreation, as a bunch of staff writers on this site, AND some fans have already said, this show has grown in the best way possible. It's found ways to seperate itself from The Office (for the most part) and has found different ways to each character to shine. I really liked Andy in this episode, as usual, but Ron was the stand-out. Him and his ex-wife had incredible scenes with each other, including a laugh-out-loud funny one in a restaurant, where they go from screaming at one another to making out on a table in front of a bunch of confused and disgusted customers.

    And Leslie was actually the lone voice of reason! Leslie! Of all people! She certainly has her odd moments, there's no doubt about that, but this is proving that the writers are not trying to make her the new Michael Scott. She's her own character now, and I have a lot more faith in Greg Daniels if this is the direction they're going for.

    All I ask is that they bring Louis C.K back at some point.. he's hilarious whenever he's on the show.
  • Ken Offerman as Ron Swanson.


    Is there any chance that the man playing Ron will ever have another role?

    This is not to disparage the actor Ken Offerman, who has been known to play an effective Ron Swanson. I can easily imagine him slipping into a variety of roles. But we will make no pretense here of pretending that Ron Swanson is anyone other than Ronald F. Swanson (middle name: ----ing).

    His all-too-brief leading turn this episode uncovers a mildly upsetting pattern in Parks and Rec’s Season 2 methodology. Sure we could go on gently shedding light on one particular character's inner life at time, as was done last week with Tom and in this episode with Ron. But is there any downside to letting the chaos theory play out and pairing up Leslie and Ron as "Park"'s answer to Dwight and Michael? True, Anne and Mark may make totally unsatisfactory Jim-Pam surrogates, but for now at least they have Andy to make that dynamic much, much more interesting.

    This week Andy found himself employed as the city hall shoeshine, taking over for the much-loved and apparently deeply unhappy "Old Gus". Given that we have already seen Andy go from litigious thorn in Leslie's side to her staunchest ally in one week, I would be surprised if he holds the same job title by the end of the next episode. Nonetheless it was a worthy digression- if only because it gave us the joke of his hallway office doubling as shrine to Ann Perkins.

    Outside of the incremental movement in the Andy-Anne-Mark relationship, there really was no other distraction from the extremely hearty (or "man-sized", if you're a mysogonist soup company) main storyline. The episode opens with Leslie directing the innagural meeting of the Sub-Committee for Lot Beautification when suddenly Mark bursts in all murder-mystery-style with an announcement that the bastards at the Library Department have filed a competing claim on the lot. Credit the writers and actors for going after this Illuminati-like organization with all the conviction of a modern day Edward R. Murrow. Of course the Library Department turns out to be headed by one of Ron’s Tammy-named exes (Megan Mullaly) and Leslie- due to the deceptive wiles of those “library whores” decides maybe she’s gotten a bad rap. Her solution to the lot dilemma quickly becomes reuniting the estranged lovers.

    The spur for these two being put together may be joke and commentary on Leslie’s constant desire to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong, but from there Ms. Poehler steps back and lets nature run its course. Honestly I don’t feel worthy of tackling the Ron-Tammy dynamic and will merely hint that it involves IHOP table sex and thumb tacks. Standout moment: "What kind of lunatic would want to be Cleopatra over Eleanor Roosevelt??"- Leslie Knope
    Standout character: Ron Swanson
    Episode Grade: A-
    Warning: Ancient tomes speak of an evil which has no name except Satan, but what remains of the rest can pretty much be summed up by the phrase "Library Department".
  • One of Ron's exes

    This episode really grew on me the second time that I saw it. The first time, it was good but it got better with time. The best/subtlest/most obvious part comes from the library jokes. They were all perfect and irreverent and exactly the type of humor that I love about this show. Mark and Ann were annoying as always but they really make Andy shine in comparison. Ron and Tammy at the restaurant was the perfect blend of wit and physical comedy, the making out on the table and rush to the motel was great. Megan did a great job as a guest star and it was hilarious when she explained how all women in government are either Cleopatra or Eleanor Roosevelt, all great!
  • Funny, Funny, Funny!

    What's up with the low rating? People rate high and watch Two and Half Men rather this really hilarious show! That fact show how generic people really are. This episode makes me laugh so hard, w/o the disturbance of the annoying laugh track. Stop complaining about the unoriginality and too much the office vibe of this show, cause you're wrong. This week, it features Megan Mulally as Ron's ex-wife Tammy. Wow, Megan Mulally's cracks me up. She deserve an emmy nomination for her work in this episode. Ron is starting to be a really funny character. And Leslie is also game in this episode. Also, the supporting character has some good spot in this episode. They're well-used and also funny. The diner scene was a wtf lol funny! Overall, it's another well-written episode that is worth-watching as a part of my Thursday TV.