Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 4

Ron and Tammy II

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on NBC
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The return of Ron's ex-wife Tammy (returning guest star Megan Mullally) throws a wrench in his budding relationship with Tom's ex-wife.

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  • Tammy 2 is back

    She back. Tammy (the second one) makes an appearance again. Like the last one, there were fireworks between her and Ron. They both acted very well together. (In real life Tammy is Nick Offerman real life wife) The only bad thing is that this episode was not as good as the first one. I think there was too much hype for this episode and that's what took the rating down a bit. Ron in crow rows was. . . . . interesting. I think the best part might have been Ben trying to play it cool with the cops but was actually very nervous. It's very funny. Also funny was the scene where Ron and Tammy fight the the cops try to break it up and the cops explaining what happened. (real piece of work) Also good about this episode was getting back on track for the Harvest Festival. Overall, this was better then last weeks (which wasn't hard) but could have been better.moreless
  • Ron's Mental Meltdown

    Ron is my third favorate character in this show, he in a way I feel is a man's man but from a different era that has gotten transported to ours. It's funny whenever he tries to use values from a different time to now which always have mixed results but mainly what makes him stand out is the fact he can do things you wouldn't expect from him, in this episode it practically takes the brownie. This sequel to the episode from last season isn't as good but funny all the same.

    I'll admit it was both funny and sad seeing Ron getting crap caned from his ex wife constantly. And of course it doesn't help when Tom for some stupid reason is helping her, and this of course spirals Ron into doing something crazy, getting back with her. It's probably one of those old feeling kind of things, where feelings long gone suddenly reawaken momentarily.

    I really loved the reaction that Leslie and the rest had when the saw Ron, making out with his ex and was wearing a kimono and dreadlocks, I couldn't help but be a little wide eyed seeing him myself because I didn't expect this from him. And that intervention and what happened afterward was hillarious. But of course in the end Ron stood up for himself and did what every person in a bad relationship should do, walk away. I really liked the fact that Tom helps Ron in the end, even though he got beaten up by the ex, I'll just say the ex is a strong woman and Tom well not just is he not strong but not very heavy, I couldn't help but crack up when Ron carried Tom.

    Ron won once again.moreless
  • 304

    Wasn't as good as the last episode, I think, but it was an awesome follow up to the Ron & Tammy episode of last season. So far, this season has not yet had one bad episode, I've been really loving this show more than ever right now, and I really recommend it if you're not watching yet.

    So this really wasn't Valentine's theme but it sort of had to do with relationships, I liked the tie in with Tom getting his revenge. I'm glad they're finally writing out Wendy, I was always indifferent toward her, and she really didn't bring a lot to the table other than to bring some sort of conflict.

    April being Chris' assistant for a day was definitely the best story line, I'm really liking the April vs. Ann thing that they got going. I've really grown to love Rob Lowe here (ever since "Flu Season") I'm not sure how I feel about Leslie's possible relationship with Ben, but I don't mind it. Overall, hilarious installment to a hilarious show.moreless
  • Ron vs. Tammy: Round 2

    Nick Offerman has created a God among men out of Ron Swanson. Ron is everything I love in TV characters: sometimes deadpan, sometimes completely out of control, always funny, plays by his own rules.. he just exudes awesome, and this episode, along with last season's episode of the same name, shows that him and his real life wife make quite the duo in this show. Ron stole the show, and it's easy to see how the episode could've grown repetitive with just Ron doing things with his wife. But this is Parks and Recreation, and these writers are not lazy. Instead, we have a slew of storylines that are equally interesting and further suck us into the town of Pawnee.

    Ron ends up breaking up with Wendy (amicably, since she's moving back to Canada). However, Tom is still holding a grudge, so he gets Tammy to attend a party that Leslie is holding for the police force as a means to get them to act as security for the Harvest Festival. You know, just explaining the episode makes me realize how well plotted this show is.. anyways, I digress. Tom and Tammy try to make Ron jealous, and instead of accomplishing this, Tom simply ends up getting Ron and Tammy back together, where we learn what they did all night via a hilarious and quick montage of ridiculous scenes.

    Meanwhile, we get a few moments that address Chris and Ann's relationship, WAY more interesting than Mark and Ann's relationship. Nothing against Paul Schreider, but Mark quickly became the most boring character on a show filled with fleshed out personalities. It was sad to see him go, but to replace him with Rob Lowe is perfection. Everything about his awesome, and surprisingly, his personality is not grating. Hearing him bark orders in the most polite way possible and give her Post-It notes that tell her "You're great!" made me laugh hysterically. I also liked Andy's attempt to get her out of being his secretary.. the return of FBI agent Bert Maclan was a nice addition.

    We also had Ben going from a simple side character to a very Jim Halpert-esque guy who means well but seems to be too hooked to his job to stand up for himself. And his subtle attraction to Leslie felt very real and touching, especially considering the Leslie Knope we got here was the dedicated and somewhat loopy woman who will do anything for others at whatever cost. Nothing against the crazy hysterical Leslie, but the one in this episode is far more impressive.

    The episode was just great, from the cold open to the final relaxing moments between Duke Silver and Tommy Timberlake.moreless
  • An already funny show has really begun to hit it's stride

    You know I wasn't sure about this show when it originally began, thinking it might not make it past a first or second season, but now this show has really hit it's stride and has become laugh-out-loud hilarious. Ron and Tammy (Megan Mullaly) are excellent together and you could see everyone on the cast was just really having fun with this episode in which Ron and Tammy make up and have a wild night. This show has really blossomed into something special in it's third season and it reminds me alot of the early seasons of The Office (US). Rob Lowe and Adam Scott have both been excellent additions to the cast and I hope their characters don't leave anytime soon.

    One of the best episodes of the entire series so far, I couldn't stop laughing.moreless

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