Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 2

Ron and Tammys

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on NBC

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  • "Don't drink that, Leslie! We use it to melt the warts off of mules."


    Ron Swanson. Is there a character on television who is as interesting as him? From episode to episode, he stays the same, yet at the same time, we occasionally see radically different sides of him that are both hilarious and stunning. I remember last season, with Ron and Tammy Part 2, we saw Ron going completely out of his mind, getting drunk with Tammy 2 and getting cornrows. With the return of Tammy 1 in his life, this time auditing him, we see Ron turn into a little man-child, shave his mustache and act cheerful. That's not the Ron we know!

    This episode of Parks and Recreation was just flat-out funny from beginning to end, and placing this show before The Office only illuminates how much funnier this show is. I was losing it half of the time, missing the follow-up jokes because I was still laughing at the other jokes. For instance, the Entertainment 720 plot was pretty removed from everything else in the episode (as was Anne and Chris' very strange plot), but Tom Haverford, Ben Wyatt and Jean Ralphio make for a very strange comedic trio. Whether it was Ben saying, "Oh yeah, break-evens.. those are fun!" or Ben hitting the party button and making the entire 720 office start dancing... there was just too much to love here. Oh yeah, there was also Jean Ralphio's "Are we calling everyone Baby now? Cause that's Snapple, Baby!"

    As I mentioned before, Ann and Chris had a weird plot. Chris wants to reshoot a boring diabetes informercial that Pawnee made and ends up showing off a neurotic side. Chris was always enjoyable, but here, he seemed sort of like a cartoon. However, Rob Lowe knows exactly how to play him and he's perfect in the role.

    But the real focus of the episode is on Ron and the Tammy's in his life. All of the Tammy's make a return appearance here, and all of them are in top form. Patricia Clarkson makes for aparticularlyterrifying Tammy 1. The way she's able to get Ron to follow her every order is ridiculous, but Clarkson does a great job. Also, incapacitated Leslie is amazing. My favorite drunk Leslie moment was seeing her hold up a little figurine and say, confused, "What is this?!"

    A great episode of Parks and Recreation overall.