Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 5

Sister City

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Pawnee's Sister City comes to visit

    This episode was enjoyable to watch. I think this was important in the character of Leslie. In previous episodes Leslie has assumed things about different people or cultures (see Tom). After this episode she doesn't do it as much. When she does this in this episode it's because she is mean just doesn't know well enough. The people who work at Pawnee's city come off as arrogant but not in way that makes you turn away. I loved all the way they say they treat their citizens at their town meetings. Speaking of meetings, this was the first extended look at the people of Pawnee. The things they yell and say are just so funny. The only part of this episode was April. When I first saw this she comes off as less likeable, but when you see rest of the episodes you appreciate her more. This was another solid episode.
  • Fred Armisen was excellent, and the episode wasn't too bad either.

    Sister City wasn't as good as the previous episode, but there were plenty of entertaining moments, including a great guest performance by Fred Armisen. Hopefully, the show can get him to come back for future episodes (if there are even future episodes). I wasn't exactly thrilled about the plot. Pawnee holds a party/welcoming type thing for their sister city (what in the world is a sister city anyways? I still can't figure it out..) and find that they all are greedy power hungry men. They're lead by a guy called Raoul (his full name is ridiculously long) who uses every opportunity to explain to Leslie how Venezuela is superior to America. Also, Tom allows himself to be a slave in order to make bank.

    The episode wasn't as strong as last week's, in my opinion, but it was pretty close. Fred Armisen was hilarious and every cast member had a moment to shine, including Jerry.. tell me it's not funny when everybody blames Jerry or uses him as a scapegoat, and he just looks on, confused at what's going on. Also, I'm growing to enjoy April's character more and more each week.

    Not as good as last week, but almost. Season 2 is leaving Season 1 in the dust, like a bad memory.
  • Visitors...

    This was the most hilarious half hour of television that I ever seen, every single thing that happened was perfect. The minor characters were really given a chance to shine even behind Leslie's over zealous attempts to impress and offend the visitors from the sister city. When they first arrive and all request Donna, it is great! All of the references to mixing cultures were priceless and the sights of Pawney continues to impress. April and Donna were the true stars of this episode and the end was great. This episode really turned me on to the show and I hope there are more like this to come.
  • Leslie thinks everyone in Venezuela is poor but realizes Pawnee's the one not living in luxury.

    While "Sister City" may not be as good as "Practice Date" and "The Steakout," it was still an interesting installment of an interesting show. Parts of this episode didn't really work for me, like the lack of Andy, but Donna and Jerry got some standout moments in this episode and I look forward to those appearances in the future. First, I'll start on the good points of this episode, and believe me, there were many. For example, Leslie thinking that Raoul was not good at speaking English, and that was the reason for his cruel put-downs of Leslie's favorite town was hilarious. This episode also shows us that even though Leslie is put-down, time after time, belittled, told by a unsatisfied group of townspeople, and a staff that doesn't really believe in her, she'll never build the park-but Leslie doesn't care. April telling Leslie how she is so colorful because of her Puerto Rican heritage was also pretty funny.

    However, the episode had parts that didn't entirely work. When Donna and April go to Venezuela, well that's not really realistic, even for "Parks and Rec" standards. At times, this episode was boring and not engaging. But I'll take that with a grain of salt.
  • The SNL influence gives us the most surreal episode yet.

    The show continues to grow more hilarious, and not just because of their guest stars (here we have SNL cast member Fred Armisen as Venezuelan dignitary Raul), but because the show continues to strive away from the preconceived balance of standard sitcoms; we're moving more into groundbreaking territory with each episode. Dignitaries from Venezuela come to visit their 'sister city' of Pawnee and continue to be rude, inconsiderate, and hilarious. They make fun of Pawnee's best park (thinking it's Leslie's pit she needs money for to make into a park), they continue to praise Hugo Chavez in front of staunch democratic citizens, and one of them falls in love with April, who bends him to her terrible 20-year-old apathetic will. Not as much of the full cast on this episode, so we're lacking the great Ann, Tom, and Mark moments, but we're given over-the-top surreal comedy that these post-SNL greats seem to keep giving us. Also, this episode gives us the best mural gag of the series so far, so win.
  • Venezuelan officials from Pawnee's sister city arrive on a cultural visit, insulting Leslie and the Parks Department, womanizing, criticizing the town, and touting the superiority of their homeland.

    Last season, Parks and Recreation was not good for many laughs. If anything, the show was lucky if I chuckled once per episode. This season, however, has shown steady improvement, and "Sister City" was by far the best of the bunch. The guest appearance by Fred Armisen (SNL veteran, who also happens to be of Venezuelan descent) was a welcome change to the usual tone of the show. He is the anti-Leslie (the Newman to Seinfeld's Jerry), a pompous bureaucrat whose every whim can be satisfied by unlimited petro-dollars; government meetings rotate between various fortresses and palaces; and dissenters of all forms are jailed. Leslie, on the other hand, struggles with a limited budget and angry townspeople. Her meetings are held in various civic halls and high school gymnasiums. She is not a rock star like Armisen and his entourage, and can only hope that her park project will be built one day.

    From the subtle references to classism, racism, and sexism, the importance of grandiose titles for ministerial positions, cultural ignorance and arrogance (on the part of both the Pawnee contingent and their Venezuelan couterparts), I thought this episode worked on multiple levels. Also, the subplot on Aubrey Plaza was played with perfect deadpan seriousness and/or indifference. Parks and Recreation is not a great show, but it is definitely coming into its own. If more episodes ar like this one, I will continue to tune in, and so should you.
  • Finally some park development.

    Finally, there mentioning there goal to turn the pit in to a park. They haven't mentioned it since first season. Leslie almost being able to build the park was great development. If only she didn't tear the check. That would of made season 2 awesome. April & here Venezuelan stalker was hilarious. The spanish funny banter was funny. Leslie fighting on the Venezuelan guys was kind of tiresome after awhile. Which brought the episode's score just a bit. Tom using all the money he gained from the Venezuelan's toward the park was sweet. April & Donna going to Venezuela in the end was hilarious. I hope April comes back next episode. Her character is getting interesting.
  • I do good in South America

    Parks and Recreation,
    Sister City, - In this episode the crew of P&R welcomes their sister city(i dont know why it's called sister city?)'s parks and recreation staff from Venezuela. The people are told to be savages from Leslie but they turn out to be more civilized the most people in america. They soon wont Donna and April. The show starts off with them not agreeing with anything that is being done in the city. Calling everything a waste. One of the best moments is where they are at the town meeting and Leslie is attacked. In the end Leslie gets angry with them and yells at them. She gets a check and tears it up. Their sister city no longer wants to be tied with them no longer. While April and Donna are taking to Venezuela much to Leslie's surprise.