Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 10

Soul Mates

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Leslie goes looking online for love

    I think this episode was missing some points. First I didn't like Tom and Leslie as a couple. While they were not officially a couple or even a couple, their part with them was not that funny. Second I don't like how Ann was hooking up with all these different guys. I know some react to breakups and getting back into them differently, but the producers could have done it in a better way. What Ann does though sets up what would happens later in the episode.

    The one good part was the Ron and Chris story. I thought it was funny how Ron threw away the pieces of fake bacon and later on April did it. Andy was funny acting like a kid in this episode wanting Chris to buy him those different things. When they had a taste off between the burgers I loved how Jerry told Kyle to shut up. I also like how Ron went up against Chris was not to defy him but just making a stand. The ending was nice too and saved it from being a mediocre episode.
  • I don't normally watch Parks&Rec, but I was very amused by this episode.

    Leslie's ideal man is the Phantom of the Opera, "Ummm." That was hilarious.

    I love when characters are paired for a majority of an episode so that we can see how they interact with each other. In this episode, I was very entertained by Leslie and Tom's soul-mate interactions. The revenge kiss was also great for Ben's jealousy reasons. I really do hope she follows through on her promise to have someone kiss Tom everytime she wants him to shut up, even though I doubt that joke will run through the rest of the season.

    Also, Adam Scott is a great actor, which is why I decided to start watching the show, and I was definitely digging Ben and Leslie's chemistry in this episode. I had watched the premiere three years ago but wasn't very impressed; I think the show is much better with the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe.

    Favorite quote of the episode: "I call noodles 'long-ass rice'." - Tom
  • Leslie and Tom get hooked up on a dating service website

    The best comedies are the ones that find their groove and simultaneously stick to its strengths and explore new directions for them to go in. Parks and Recreation has grown from an Office-lite to its own unique show, with a town that is as interesting as the main characters and a set of characters who each have their own unique personality. "Soul Mates" finds the show in its comfort zone, and I mean that in the best way possible.

    The episode has two sections: one where Leslie and Tom get hooked up on a dating website, and Leslie takes Tom out on a date to see what it is about him that made them get matched on the site. Meanwhile, Chris challenges Ron to a cook-off, where they will be seeing who can make the best burger. At stake? The freedom to eat and buy hamburgers in the government's stores. Both of these plots work well because the writing is so spot-on that every moment is great, even the Ann moments, which I consider the worst of the show.

    I have to give props to Aziz Ansari tonight.. he's usually pretty good, but he was spot-on here. As soon as Leslie admits they were matched on that website, he takes off with the character, including one of the best talking heads I've seen on any show EVER ("I call chicken parm "chicky chicky parm parm." Chicken cacciatore? Chicky Catch.") This plot dovetails nicely with the ongoing one involving Leslie and Ben's crush on each other.

    As for Chris and Ron, they always seem at odds with one another because one believes in living a healthy lifestyle, while the other one believes you should be able to eat a turkey leg fried inside of a hamburg patty and not have anybody complain. However, they're certainly not mean towards each other. The competition allows Andy and April to show that marriage will do little to effect their relationship and that April/Ron and Andy/Chris are hook-ups that need to happen more often.

    All in all, this was a great episode of Parks, but aren't they all?
  • 310

    Overall, this wasn't my favorite episode of Parks and Rec but it still was a well done episode regardless. Just the story lines kind of turned me off. Tom & Leslie? That relationship is just so ridiculous, and the date was just awkward.

    We got a nice moment when Leslie finds out that Ben was actually interested in her. The Ron & Chris scenes were absolutely hilarious and the story line just definitely deserved to be the main plot of the episode on the count of how funny it was.

    So what purpose does Ann even have on the show now? She's just slutting it up, and that's it? I wonder if Rashida Jones still likes playing this lifeless excuse of a character. Ann bashing aside, I just think she needs better story lines. The writers are ruining her character. Overall, solid episode of Parks&Rec.
  • The latest episode of Parks and Recreation had its funny moments...................

    I don't usually like Tom, but when it was discovered he was a match for Leslie on an Internet dating service, I became intrigued. As we know, Leslie shares a mutual attraction for Ben, Chris' assistant. But he refuses an offer she makes to meet after work, maybe grab a bite, and continue brainstorming ideas concerning the workplace. Leslie is left hurt, confused, and feeling vulnerable.

    She is persuaded to try internet dating and after completing her profile is surprised to find they have a match for her. She nearly faints when she finds out the match is Tom. Against her better judgment, she invites him to lunch, and ties to get to know him better - with some very funny results.

    It does end well - turns out Ben refused her invitation because Chris said he would not tolerate an office romance.