Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 10

Soul Mates

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Leslie goes looking online for love

    I think this episode was missing some points. First I didn't like Tom and Leslie as a couple. While they were not officially a couple or even a couple, their part with them was not that funny. Second I don't like how Ann was hooking up with all these different guys. I know some react to breakups and getting back into them differently, but the producers could have done it in a better way. What Ann does though sets up what would happens later in the episode.

    The one good part was the Ron and Chris story. I thought it was funny how Ron threw away the pieces of fake bacon and later on April did it. Andy was funny acting like a kid in this episode wanting Chris to buy him those different things. When they had a taste off between the burgers I loved how Jerry told Kyle to shut up. I also like how Ron went up against Chris was not to defy him but just making a stand. The ending was nice too and saved it from being a mediocre episode.