Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on NBC
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A local company teams up with the Parks Department to sell energy bars, but Leslie discovers afterwards how unhealthy they are.

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  • Tom Moves out; Leslie deals with Sweetums

    Another brilliant episode. Both parts were very funny. Leslie and Ron always had a unique relationship. It was funny that Leslie prevented Rom from leaving the Sweetums Party because he drank a little. I enjoyed how Ron made is a point to prove to Leslie that he can function with alcohol by showing her what had made. Another funny part is when Ron took advantage of Leslie is the Sweetums meeting. The relationship of Leslie and Ron has always been good to watch. The B Story was also good. It was funny how "hard" Tom worked in his move. You can see how much Tom wants to tell Wendy his true feelings but can't. I enjoyed his creation of DJ Rumba. I enjoyed Tom getting Andy to work harder by saying what Mark "did." Another part I enjoyed was when April boyfriend and his boyfriend came by. She noticed that maybe she was in the wrong relationship. This was a very funny episode.moreless
  • Winners don't eat Sweetums.

    There is a snake in the garden of eden and it's name is Sweetums. This episode is one of my faovorates because it's Ron and Lesile's banter at it's best but also shows how deep there friendship is.

    I really love how this episode satirizes on the issues on the hype on health food bars, underhandedness and corruption of companies promoting and defending the hell out of certain products that are by their nature unhealthy as well as obesity; kinda like with the horror movies "The Stuff" and "Street Trash" which were about products that had hazardous side effects.

    One of my favorate moments was seeing the people in the office eatting those bars and acting all hyper. Then we see them all just crash, April whom well looks the same as usual but it was funny seeing Lesile so worn down that she can't even lift her hand to do the simpliest thing and Ann has to spray her so she can reactivate.

    And of course there was that meeting where there was a Q and A and we get a glimpse once again at most of the residents of Pawnee and as usual most of them are morrons. Some of the questions they ask really crack me up like one morron says "surup comes from bushes" as well as gets everyone to say ham and manese which of course carries even more cholestrol and fat then the Sweetums.

    But as usual the great thing about the episode is the characters from Lesile whom is well as usual fighting for a rightous cause. I really was on both Lesile and Ann's side because I knew they were right everyone needed to be warned, from the facts they gathered those Sweetum's look like they could put anyone to an early grave. My favorate moment with Lesile was when both Ann and her had to go to the evil Library to get the evidence, in a way it sort of reminded me of an espanose thriller how the good guys would go into the enimy fortress to get in and out with whatever their objective is. Lesile and Ann have to avoid some jerk librarian whom busts Lesile for some overdue library book which was steep (I get the feeling they rigged it) and tries to humuliate Lesile. Then both Ann and Lesile make their escape in almost action movie fashion even though there was no one stopping them. Comic Gold.

    Ron as usual is great with his liberal if slightly flawed views. I really think it's hillarous that he would defend unhealthy habits alcholism and eating high calorie products. One of the things he says is blackly hillarous "if someone gains 600 pounds and dies at age 42, I think that's beautiful". Comic Gold.

    The best moment though was in the end where Ron was acting like a real jack ass from his victory. I like Ron but at that moment he was really out of line toward Lesile. Then Lesile gives him the chart on alchol and the foods he eats and I felt it was kinda touching it really showed that Lesile like any good friend just wanted to help her friend she didn't want to see her best friend go into an early grave. I do agree that Ron does have a point about indulgence and enjoying life, however if he wants to keep doing that every day and years on end then he's going to have to take better care of his health, which is why Lesile is right; yeah it can be a pain in the ass but at least you'll live longer. And in the end we see Ron did read those fact sheets Lesile gave him and he appologizes to Lesile which was sweet.

    As for the people of Pawnee that continue eating Sweetums, you keel over don't say you weren't warned.

  • Sweetums in the park

    This episode was an example of the continued bromance (I know that's the wrong word, but whatever) between Leslie and Ron who are so very stuck in their own very different ways. I loved their conflicts and interactions in this episode and whenever Ron tries to explain his views on gov't their is always hilarity involved. The whole sugar high scene in the office was hilarious and Ann's reaction actually made sense (although I did not care fore her rant against the beefy kids in Pawnee) but her role as concerned health care professional made sense. The public forum also showed off the eccentric characters of Pawnee really well.

    An overall great episode with another classic scene in the library!moreless
  • Fun banter

    I really like this show. I don't get why people seems to hate it. Where big brother "The office" lost its mojo a long time ago, this show still gives an illusion of being about real people. Ish. It's not so much the content and stories as the character portrays and dialogue that stands out.

    This time there is a spat between Leslie and Ron about drunk driving and promoting unhealthy food. Ron is of course advocating both. I love actor Nick Offerman, I hope we se a lot more of him. His character is believable as a public office boss, and I also see a story between him and Leslie in the future. Underneath all the bantering they really respect and like each other.

    In this episode Leslie is as anal as ever about her boss drinking and driving, and also when she finds out that the healthy candy they are supposed to be promoting is not so healthy. She sets up a public forum to warn the public. "Good cover our ass move". And in the end Ron actually do apologize to her for being a jerk, and that only ads to his character as a good boss.

    But Leslie is not totally one sided. She goes all Bonnie and Clyde in the library, when the attendant charges her a book-fee and try to humiliate her, that's a fun scene. The competition between the different public offices is a recurring part of the show. So the Leslie character is not all a government pedantic, when she is pushed far enough.

    All in all an entertaining episode, that you can watch more than once, witch is always a good sign. It also made me LOL many times, not many shows does that now adays.moreless
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    • Marcy: Are they finally teaching you parks people how to read? (sees film reels) Oh, I guess not. It's a movie.
      Leslie: You're pretty cocky for someone who's job is obsolete because of the internet. (both chuckles)
      Marcy: (swipes library card) Oh, I see someone has a $40 late fee on a book called (shouts) "Mysteries of the Female Orgasm".
      Leslie: (shouts) No, I don't.

    • Ron: The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds and die of a heart attack at 43, you can. You are free to do so. To me, that is beautiful.

    • Tom: Quick question: Do you personally know Xzibit, because I was checkin' out that pickup truck of yours and that ride is pimped!
      Mark: It's...really nice of you to compliment my pickup truck...with no ulterior motives...
      Tom: Yeah. So listen; I need to move some stuff this weekend into my new bachelor pad since my divorce is finally goin' down. Just some odds and ends. You can bring over the Markmobile and help me move, right?
      Mark: I'm totally blanking on a valid excuse right now, so, yes.
      Tom: MY BOY!
      Mark: I *bleep*-ing hate having a pickup truck.

    • Leslie: Well, as far as white leather suits go...
      Justin: ...horrible.
      Donna: I like it!

    • Tom: (dancing out with a new outfit on) Tommy Timberlake.
      Leslie: You look like Encylopedia Brown

  • NOTES (1)


    • Tom: Quick question: Do you personally know Xzibit, because I was checkin' out that pickup truck of yours and that ride is pimped!

      Tom (Aziz Ansari) was making reference to the MTV show Pimp My Ride in which young drivers had their broken down clunkers transformed into state-of-the-art, extremely flashy vehicles.

    • Leslie: You look like Encyclopedia Brown.

      Encyclopedia Brown is a fictional boy detective from a series of children's novels.

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