Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 15

The Bubble

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • The Start of the realtionship

    Great relationships can start on a great start or a bad one. Leslie's and Ben got off to a good one. I liked at the beginning that they kept is a secret (because they have to) and no one but Ann knows. This episode had many good parts. I loved how Chris assigned everyone a new assignment even though they were wrong. The best part might have been Ron. It's probably because he is the least reluctant to change. One of my favorite parts is when the Pawnee resident came and talked to Ron and he swiveled or tried to away from her. I also liked how Andy loved his new job and Tom hated his. I also thought it was kind of interesting that even though April kind of hated her new job, she actually liked it. What I also like is how Ron has it all figured it out what his employees are best at doing.

    The Leslie and Ben storyline was also good. I liked seeing Leslie's mother back. This relationship would not have happen if this was 2 years ago. While Leslie kind of did panic at the start, I liked how she regained herself. I also like how Ben did the same thing. When Leslie's mother made a pass at him, I am glad it did not go too far. Leslie's mother was probably the best person to find out first outside of Ann. This was a good episode near the end of the season.
  • 315

    Parks & Recreation is still consistently good on a weekly basis. Despite the scheduling conflicts and the short season, Parks & Rec continues to prove itself week after week. Things were no different here.

    They haven't run out of things to do with Chris (unlike they did with Ann) and the two relationships put on the forefront continue to spark my interest. Yes I'm looking at you, Ben & Leslie and Andy & April.

    Chris trying to change things up in the parks department was hilarious. The story line I especially liked was Tom & Chris on the fourth floor. I'm still not buying the fact that Ann got a job in the parks department as conveniently as she did though.

    The Ben & Leslie story line was pretty predictable but it was quite a stepping stone in their relationship. Good installment of the series.
  • "Aw wait... this phone smells like butt."

    The first part of tonight's one hour season finale of Parks and Recreation not only reminds us of how comedy shows are supposed to do finales but they also remind us of how freakin' hilarious the show is. Despite the fact that I liked the second part better, this episode had more than its fair share of plots, and once again shows that, unlike Modern Family, this show is great at balancing out its stars. Every character feels like it gets a nice little scene to bite into.

    The upstairs scenes where Tom and Andy have to work on the fourth floor (a nice call back to the episode where Tom goes to that floor to get a divorce from Wendy). The quote that I put in the summary was my favorite one, just because of how random it was, and I also liked the old women that made fun of everything Tom did upstairs... that rascally ol' Ethel Biebers.

    The episode gets its name from the fact that Leslie and Ben have found a comfortable spot and have a bubble around them that protects them from everything else, and that bubble threatens to get burst when Ben meets Leslie's mom and Leslie's mom starts hitting on Ben. It's a funny little plot.. not the best the show has done, but still very good.

    I also liked the way that Chris tried making a bunch of changes. He put Ron in a circular desk in the middle of the office and does a hilarious demonstration of how it works, puts Jerry in charge of dealing with people, which means we get to see him nervously jumble his words like in "Park Safety" and we get to see April scootering around on a little portable desk. Funny stuff.

    As I said before, I liked the second episode more, but this one was definitely worth the laughs.
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