Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 13

The Fight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • Leslie and Ann have a fight

    As good as the last episode, this was even better. There were several funny scenes. Ann had been slowly deteriorating which the producers and writers did a good job of in previous episodes. The fight they have was good to see in that they needed to have it happen. Both Ann and Leslie had good points. Leslie sometimes pushes too far (something you see in previous episodes) and Ann doesn't take enough risks (her relationship with Andy). It's probably good and funnier that they had it both while being drunk. I have said it before but drunk Leslie is always funny. Speaking of drunk, it was funny seeing everyone drunk (except Donna and Chris) One of fumiest scenes in the season and maybe the series was when Donna was taking everyone home and Jerry was tied to the roof like a deer. Ron talking to that couple was also good. I also liked how April and Andy really got into their roles. Both had funny characters. Also good were all the signs the former Pawnee Health Director had put up. I could go on and on about this episode but it's something you need to check out for yourself.
  • Tom creates a new alcohol while Ann and Leslie have their first real fight.

    "The Fight" is another one of those episodes that does a superb job of taking every character in the show, every little tiny detail it for, whether it's a minor character introduced two seasons ago or an event that happened earlier in the show, and milks them all for everything they're worth. We get dozens of highlights here without any of them threatening to overtake the others.. it's just a solid half hour of television.

    Mostly everything revolves around the fact that Tom has created a new alcohol named Snake Juice and is debuting it at the Snake Hole Lounge. He wants everybody from the office to go and check it out and do guerilla marketing, which is where everybody goes around and claims they love the drink and gets others to drink it. However, everybody ends up getting super-drunk off of it, which gets Leslie and Ann in their first fight ever. You see, Leslie wants to set up Ann with a job at the Parks department as a health consultant, and Ann doesn't like that her new aloof lifestyle is being threatened, and she also doesn't like Leslie making decisions for her.. this gets them in a fight that leads to many drunken yelps and threats.

    As I mentioned earlier in the review, it helps that these writers know how to make every single character interesting, even those small insignificant seeming characters. For example, we have "The Douche" from that radio show "Ira and the Douche," who has a small role, but it's nice to see the show remembers him. We have Jean Ralphio with his rapping skills that would be fun if he actually knew how to RHYME. There's Ron, who makes the most hilarious drunk... in fact, everybody makes a great drunk on the show. There's Jerry being strapped to the top of Donna's Mercedes.. man, there's just too much good stuff to comment on.

    And although it's lurking in the background, as usual, we get some great tension between Ben and Leslie. I don't care what people say, I really like the idea of these two together. Maybe it's just because I'm craving that awkward sort of sexual tension between characters like Jim and Pam again, but either way, the show made me feel right when Ben was introduced that they would want to hook up, and as it turns out, we were all right.

    Just a great episode of Parks here.. Definitely the more impressive of the two episodes tonight.
  • 313

    Parks and Rec continues without a flaw as it delivers yet another quality installment. The Andy & April interactions were definitely the best. It seems the writers just don't run out of ideas for them. The whole role playing this was hilarious and definitely entertaining.

    Ann & Leslie's fight was only semi-amusing. I only say that because Ann annoys the heck out of me. I'm glad someone called her out on her constant sleeping around. Plus, I didn't find it very realistic that Ann would even consider giving up nursing for the health department job.

    Everyone going crazy on the other hand was really amusing. The snake juice thing was hilarious, and I think this episode showed what a great cast this show has. Overall, great episode.