Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 23

The Master Plan

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on NBC
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Leslie's plan for the new park is put on hold by a visit from two state auditors.

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  • April can legally drink and Pawnee is in trouble

    This was a brilliant and to quote a new character (Chris Tucker) quite literally a great episode from start to end. Both story lines are great. April's birthday was good. I liked seeing her in a dress. It was a good choice they had for her and not too girly. I liked her acting in this episode. Her reaction after seeing Andy's reaction that she is "with" Jon-Ralphio was good to see. It was one of the first times she shows regret. Speaking of acting, Andy was great in this episode. It was the best all season and maybe the best of the series so far. You feel sad for him after he gets rejected by April. His song at the end was great too. It made you feel for him more. The second part with the budget was great as well. You are introduced to what would eventually be two main characters in Rob Lowe and Adam Scott. I loved the contrast in their acting styles. In Rob Lowe (Chris0 you get this super positive friendly guy. He positiveness is like Leslie but up a notch. Chris's assistant, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) is almost the opposite. But he comes off likeable. I loved the scenes between Ben Wyatt and Leslie. I also like the reactions of Leslie and Ron when Ben told them Pawnee was in trouble. Ann drunk was great too. Another reason this episode was good is that you see how Andy is truly over her. This was a episode that was essentially a two parter and a good lead into the Season 2 finale.moreless
  • April's 21st birthday.

    Was anyone else excited about this episode? I know I was, after a long season journey of teasing and playing around between Andy & April, a relationship is actually considered here, when April turns 21 and Andy doesn't find it weird anymore if he dates her. Of course, there has to be conflict. I would have to say pretty interesting conflict here. April sees Andy & Ann acting very close together, because Ann was drunk. April gets her revenge by trying to make Andy jealous with her ex. Just when you think it's going to work out between them, it doesn't. I loved all the interactions with all the characters, everyone clicks perfectly in this show. We learn Mark & Ann have broken up, finally! And Ann bounces back fast by hooking up with a new character, Chris. (Rob Lowe's Character). Leslie tries to fight the power when the government orders Ron to cut some people from the department after making budget cuts, she ends up making a friend after yelling at him 3 times, Ben. A lot of development in this episode that I enjoyed watching, even though it wasn't park development, it still was entertaining. Not to mention, hilarious.moreless
  • The Auditors arrive

    I love all the plot developments in this episode. I love Adam Scott and Rob Lowe in this episode and the rest of the casts reactions showed off all of the comedic strength on the show. I loved April party and all the romantic shenanigans that went down with drunk Ann, bitter April, sad Andy, desperate Tom, remorseful Ben and happy go lucky Donna. Everyone was at their best and the introduction of the new characters was flawless. Leslie was perfection in this episode, especially with her great chemistry with newbie Ben and I cannot wait to see what happens with Pawnee shut downmoreless
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Phil Reeves

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Adam Scott

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    • Andy: Let me ask you a quick question. What's the youngest a girl can be that if, uh, we go out, I'm not a total scumbag?
      Tom: You know the old rule. Half your age, plus seven.
      Andy: Half my age plus seven. Oh, okay. Well, I'm 29 so half of...29...add seven, that's only
      Tom: 21...
      Andy: 20 years old.
      Tom: 21 and a half.
      Andy: 21 years old and a half.
      Tom: Yep.
      Andy: Yep. We got the same thing with the equation on that one. Here's the thing. What if she's slightly younger? Can I go out with someone younger than that
      Tom: Please! You totally can.

    • Leslie: Ron, they're state auditors. They're not gonna come and pat us on the back. They're here to slash and burn.
      Ron: Well, I'd be find with that. This government is diseased. It's like a big, fat, angry slob spending money it doesn't have on crap it doesn't need. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Me want more pointless social programs. Yummy, yummy, yum.
      Leslie: That's what government does, Ron. It provides services. They're gonna try to eliminate everything we do. We gotta fight these guys.

    • Ron: Once a year, every branch of this government meets in a room and announces what they intend to waster taxpayer money on. For a libertarian such as myself, it's philosophically horrifying. They also really cheap out on the snacks. Hydrax cookies? Di you know there was an off-brand hydrox? I did not. They're not bad.

    • Ann: I ended things with Mark a couple of days ago, and...I'm not gonna talk about it.

    • Leslie: In the words of the great 19th century outdoorsman Jack London, you can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. With those words ringing in our ears, we proudly present our plans for a new park on municipal lot 48.
      Ann: That's good.
      Leslie: I know. The yearly budge an planning proposal for a city is called the "Master Plan." Ah, isn't that just so awesome you can't stand it It's mostly filled with boring, bureaucratic language, so I try to spice it up a little. "So I say the function of man is to live, not to exist. I would rather that my spark should not burn out in a brilliant blaze that it should be stifled by dry rot.
      Ann: (gasps) You wrote that?
      Leslie: Jack London, again.
      Ann: No, no.
      Leslie: Yeah, I mean, you can never have enough.

    • Ron: She's an adult now. She should know how to responsibly handle and discharge a weapon. That there is a Sig Sauer .22 caliber mosquito, manufactured in Switzerland for their pussy police force. This two-toned, lightweight model is perfect for a skinny, little thing like you.
      April: Gee, thanks, Ron.
      Ron: I will hold on to this for you until we get you licensed up, and then I'll take you for some target practice.
      April: Goody.
      (To the cameraman)
      Ron: Yeah, I do feel a little guilty. I'm re-gifting.

    • Leslie: This is your original intern application, your original parking pass. this is your original photo I.D.
      April: Did you get that out of my purse
      Leslie: Doesn't matter. And this is a copy of your very first Paycheck.
      April: Who's that from
      Leslie: Me. It's from me. Happy Birthday.

    • Andy: (singing) November, your bangs are cute. November, your voice is a flute. November. Let's pretend the sky is for us. Let's spread our wings and fly on a date. I wanna go on a date with you, November. (stops singing). That song is about April.

    • Ann: You have my phone number?
      Chris: No, you couldn't remember your phone. But you gave me your phone.

    • Ann: Hey, Ron, did we make out last night?
      Ron: Good god, woman, no.

    • Ben: When I was 18, I ran for mayor of my small town and won. Little bit of anti-establishment voter rebellion, I guess. Here's the thing, thought, about 18-year-olds. They're idiots. So I pretty much ran the place into the ground after two months and got impeached. Worst part was, my parents grounded me.

    • Leslie: You may hold my fate in your hands like a small bird, but I still think you're an ass.
      Ben: You wanna get a beer?
      Leslie: It's, like, 10:30 in the morning.
      Ben: Yeah. You seem like you could use a beer. Let's get a beer.

    • Leslie: Hello, Ben.
      Ben: Um, look, uh, I kind of feel like we got off on the wrong foot. So I just wanted to stop by and-
      Leslie: Yeah, well, save your breath, okay? Just get out of here. Because this is a party with my friends and you're trying to fire all my friends
      Ben: I-
      Leslie: Plus I just talked to everybody in this bar and nobody wants you here
      Ben: Um, okay, then I'll-I'll just see you tomorrow
      Leslie: Mm-hmm
      Ben: Sorry to bother you.
      Leslie: Get out of here
      Anne: Leslie, that was so professional. I'm so proud of you.

    • Andy: (about April) I thought she liked me. I guess I'm super bad at picking up signals. But that Ralph Macchio guy's a total douche.

    • John: One time, I waited outside a woman's house for five days just to show her how serious I was about wanting to drill her. Turns out, it was the wrong house. She loved the story anyway. We got to third base. Over the pants.

    • Ann: I loved Andy. Loved him. Loved him. He was a totally helpless baby when we met. I dated him from three years. Now he's an adult with a job. And some other girl is gonna reap the rewards of my hard work? That's Bull [bleep].

    • Donna: Go your birthday shot.
      April: Oh, thanks. But now that it's legal, I've kind of lost interest.
      Donna: Suit yourself (downs the shots).

    • Ron: (about Ben) What's a not-gay way to ask him to go camping with me?

    • Ben: Do you have a second?
      Leslie: I really like your shirt
      Ben: So I'd like to talk about where you think there's waste within your department
      (Leslie and Ron scoff)
      Leslie: There is none
      Ron: Where do I start? What exactly will you be cutting? And how much of it, and can I watch you doing it while eating pork cracklins?
      Ben: Okay, let's start with personnel. What can you tell me about Jerry Gergich?
      Leslie: He is one of the best people on the planet. He's universally adored here. If you fired him, there would be a revolt.
      Ben: Okay, you need to understand that just to keep this town afloat, we probably have to cut the budget of every department by 40% or 50%, okay?
      Leslie: Well, but Chris said that you just had to, you know, tinker with things.
      Ben: Yeah, he said that because that sounds a lot better than, "We're going to gut it with a machete"
      Ron: Okay? (laughing)
      Leslie: You're a jerk.
      Ben: I'm sorry?
      Ron: Easy.
      Leslie: I'm sorry, these are real people in a real town working in a real building with real feelings.
      Ben: This building has feelings?
      Leslie: Maybe. There's a lot of history in this one, maybe it does. How can you be so blasé about it?
      Ben: Because I didn't cause these problems, Miss. Knope. Your government did.

    • Leslie: Chris is the most positive State Budget auditing consultant I've ever met. I mean, I made eye contact with him, and it was like…staring into the sun.

    • Ron: Leslie. What do we do when we get this angry?
      LeslieWe count backwards from 1,000 by sevens and we think of warm brownies.
      Ron: Go do that in your office.
      LeslieGo do it in your office.
      Ron: And we'll we wait for these guys to show up.
      LeslieI'll wait for you to show up.

    • Leslie: The yearly budget and planning proposal for a city is called the Master Plan, Mwah-Ha-Ha-Ha-ee-Ah-Ah-ah-ah (coughing) kind of sounded like a chimp there at the end.

    • April: Yes, I am 21 years old today. Which is the age that pretty much everyone agrees makes you an adult.

    • Tom: (about April's party) Yes, I am a good friend for throwing the party. I'm also a genius because I'm using the occasion to stock the club with every available hottie I know. Call me a romantic, but I believe by the end of the night, I will have between one and four new girlfriends.

    • Tom: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your final warning. Do not miss tonight's April Ludgate birthday bash. 9 p.m. at the world famous Snakehole Lounge. The place the Pawnee general has called the sexiest, most dangerous club in town.
      Leslie: That's not what they wrote.
      Tom: Fine, I added the word "sexiest," but we've hired better security.

    • Chris: Our investigation has revealed that things in Pawnee are much worse than we had anticipated.
      Ron: Meaning what?
      Ben: Well, effective tomorrow morning, the entire government will be shut down until further notice.
      Leslie: I'm sorry -- I just started hearing really loud circus music in my head. What did you say?

    • Ben: How's your head?
      Leslie: Mushy.

    • Andy: (after consulting Tom about whether or not April was too young for him to date) Tom says it's okay! (thinks for a moment) That probably means it isn't okay.

    • Andy: Hello birthday girl! I got you a birthday present.
      April: Really?
      Andy: Yeah. I, ahhh, wrote you a song.
      April: Score! What's it called?
      Andy: I'm not telling, but I'll give you a clue: it's named after a month out of the year.
      April: So...."April?"
      Andy: No. (pauses for a moment) That would have been way better.

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