Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 23

The Master Plan

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

All of Leslie's plans for the new park project are put on hold as the state of Indiana tries to save money by reducing spending. A pair of auditors have been dispatched by the governor to enact budget cuts wherever possible, including Pawnee's Parks and Recreation department. While Leslie immediately assumes that half of her friends will be losing their jobs in the next few days, Ron (being no fan of governmental bureaucracy and waste) became as giddy as a schoolboy when he heard that the axe was about to fall.

Meanwhile, Tom used the occasion of April's 21st birthday to throw a huge birthday bash for her at the Snakehole Lounge (of which he is part-owner) with the ulterior motive of hooking up with as many hot women as he possibly can. At the party, Ann tried to get Leslie's mind off the impending budget cuts by getting her roaringly drunk. This worked slightly against Ann since she woke up the next morning convinced that she had made out with someone at the party, but had no idea with whom. April, on the other hand, was hoping to take advantage of the party to "seal the deal" with Andy, but his continuing obsession with Ann ruined the moment. In response, April then tried to make Andy jealous by accepting the advances of Tom's douchy business partner, Jean-Ralphio.
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