Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 23

The Master Plan

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • April can legally drink and Pawnee is in trouble

    This was a brilliant and to quote a new character (Chris Tucker) quite literally a great episode from start to end. Both story lines are great. April's birthday was good. I liked seeing her in a dress. It was a good choice they had for her and not too girly. I liked her acting in this episode. Her reaction after seeing Andy's reaction that she is "with" Jon-Ralphio was good to see. It was one of the first times she shows regret. Speaking of acting, Andy was great in this episode. It was the best all season and maybe the best of the series so far. You feel sad for him after he gets rejected by April. His song at the end was great too. It made you feel for him more. The second part with the budget was great as well. You are introduced to what would eventually be two main characters in Rob Lowe and Adam Scott. I loved the contrast in their acting styles. In Rob Lowe (Chris0 you get this super positive friendly guy. He positiveness is like Leslie but up a notch. Chris's assistant, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) is almost the opposite. But he comes off likeable. I loved the scenes between Ben Wyatt and Leslie. I also like the reactions of Leslie and Ron when Ben told them Pawnee was in trouble. Ann drunk was great too. Another reason this episode was good is that you see how Andy is truly over her. This was a episode that was essentially a two parter and a good lead into the Season 2 finale.
  • April's 21st birthday.

    Was anyone else excited about this episode? I know I was, after a long season journey of teasing and playing around between Andy & April, a relationship is actually considered here, when April turns 21 and Andy doesn't find it weird anymore if he dates her. Of course, there has to be conflict. I would have to say pretty interesting conflict here. April sees Andy & Ann acting very close together, because Ann was drunk. April gets her revenge by trying to make Andy jealous with her ex. Just when you think it's going to work out between them, it doesn't. I loved all the interactions with all the characters, everyone clicks perfectly in this show. We learn Mark & Ann have broken up, finally! And Ann bounces back fast by hooking up with a new character, Chris. (Rob Lowe's Character). Leslie tries to fight the power when the government orders Ron to cut some people from the department after making budget cuts, she ends up making a friend after yelling at him 3 times, Ben. A lot of development in this episode that I enjoyed watching, even though it wasn't park development, it still was entertaining. Not to mention, hilarious.
  • The Auditors arrive

    I love all the plot developments in this episode. I love Adam Scott and Rob Lowe in this episode and the rest of the casts reactions showed off all of the comedic strength on the show. I loved April party and all the romantic shenanigans that went down with drunk Ann, bitter April, sad Andy, desperate Tom, remorseful Ben and happy go lucky Donna. Everyone was at their best and the introduction of the new characters was flawless. Leslie was perfection in this episode, especially with her great chemistry with newbie Ben and I cannot wait to see what happens with Pawnee shut down
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