Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 18

The Possum

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

An aide from Mayor Gunderson's office approached Leslie with something of an odd favor to ask. The mayor had been golfing at Pawnee Municipal and a possum (nicknamed "Fairway Frank") had bitten his dog, Rufus. In his desire to see this vicious marsupial brought to justice, he requested that Leslie be the one to see that this rogue possum is captured so that it will never bother the good people of Pawnee ever again.

Anxious to prove that she is a person who can get things done, Leslie organizes a task force to carry out this dangerous and demanding assignment. Included in her team were two members of Pawnee's Animal Control, Tom and Andy. As they made their way onto the sixth green (where the beast is known to lurk), Leslie spied their target and scrambled to come up with a plan of attack. While she, Tom and the two animal control guys organized themselves, Andy simply leaped onto the furry little varmint and grabbed him.

With her victory safely in her hip pocket, Leslie noticed something that disturbed her: another possum! Could it be that she had captured the wrong possum? Was this really Fairway Frank or was an innocent possum about to be put to death? Without being sure she had the right felonious phalangeriforme, she asked April to help her hide the possum until his identity could be established.

Meanwhile, Ron's attention was focused on some upgrades he wanted to do on his workshop, but his plan hit a snag when Mark denied him a renovation permit due to all of the blatant code violations that already exist in Ron's shop.
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