Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 18

The Possum

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The "Most Wanted Pests List" included the following critters:

      Poopy: Racoon; wanted for defecating in the high school cafeteria.
      Vlad: Indiana bat; wanted for defecating on the City Hall Bell Tower.
      Fairway Frank: Possum; wanted for biting dogs, people...everything.
      Zorro: Raccoon; wanted for garbage rummaging and thievery.
      One Paw Papa: Raccoon; wanted for contamination of reservoirs with fecal matter.
      Spyke: Porcupine; wanted for leaving used needles in the public parks.
      Wirey Riley: Raccoon; wanted for tripping the elderly.
      Jangle Bo Jingles: Feral cat; wanted for being a streetwalker & infecting domestic cats for three years.
      Leanor: Crow; wanted for excessive noise violations.
      Nutz: Raccoon; wanted for chucking acorns at young children and the eldely.

    • When Tom hands Ann her gift, the bag is marked as being fron "Cooper Surveillance Equipment."

    • Aside from the oily rags that Mark had pointed out over Ron's wood-burning stove, Ron also had a propane tank right next to his lit stove.

  • Quotes

    • Leslie: Possum! There was a possum. We captured a possum and we brought it into your house and it got out and it might have laid eggs in your bed.
      Ann: What?
      Leslie: And it went into your laundry and your kitchen and it touched all your bras and I'm so sorry, it's our fault. We captured it and it got out and it ran around and it was a possum. Okay?

    • Mark: There's no drainage; doesn't seem to be any ventilation; you've got hazardous chemicals over here...
      Ron: Yeah, which only I'm breathing. It's the same liberty that gives me the right to fart in my own car. Are you gonna tell a man that he can't fart in his own car?!

    • Tom: I used to love Tiger Woods because he was a great champion. But after that sex scandal, the man is a GOD!

    • Leslie: Eugene! Boy, we have a really important job for you.
      Eugene: We'll get to it first thing Monday.
      Leslie: Today's Wednesday.

    • Leslie: Ma'am, the next time we speak, we shall be dancing on the grave of a possum.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 11, 2010 on CityTV

    • Harris Wittels, who made a brief appearance as one of the animal control employees, is actually one of the show's executive story editors.

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