Parks and Recreation

Season 1 Episode 3

The Reporter

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Leslie has an Interview with a reporter

    Seeing this episode now after seeing the entire series makes me appreciate it more. When I first saw it, I thought this episode was leaking a bit. Again you see the Michael Scott in Leslie in this episode. It's funny how Leslie seems to be shrink when answering the reporters questions. Speaking of reporter, I liked the character who played her. Shauna Malwae-Tweep is pretty but pretty dumb but maybe a little ditsy. The character of Tom took a small step back in this episode. I am not a fan of that. But he did deliver one of the funniest line of the show and possibly the series when he said, "He sure has stuck in some weird chicks." The part at the beginning with Jerry, the kids and Leslie was funny and even more funny when you see the whole series. This was the start of Jerry beaming the whipping boy of the Parks and Rec Department. Another part I enjoyed more now is when Ron said "No Comment" to Shauna Malwae-Tweep. This was the beginning of Ron's character we all know and love. An interesting part is seeing the "player" side of Mark. For someone who such a ladies man, he sure doesn't seem like it. A good episode but as good as the first two.
  • Best episode so far.

    I didn't think this show would get more ideas, after watching the first two episodes, but really it surprised me. Like I said, this show is smart. The Indian guy playing Scrabble with his boss & letting him win. (Don't know all the names of the people yet)I don't understand why don't hey make the girls boyfriend a cast regular. He has been in every episode so far. I liked this episode because it was a big step up for the Matt/Leslie relationship which was always great. The reporter & Leslie's interviews were hilarious! I laughed so hard. Of course they got a bad review. Wonder what is next...
  • this was by far the best episode of the 3 yet and as a huge Office fan, I would now recommend this to other fans like myself.

    Honestly I had almost gave up on the show after the first 2 episodes, but I continued watching hoping that it would get better. And it definately did. This episode really reminded me of an episode of the office, with the way some of the jokes were made. I really hope this is the direction the show continues to go and this isn't a one time thing. The whole scrabble storyline was hilarious. So I'll say it one more time. For those who truly love the OFfice, give this show a chance, because just like the office it gets better with each episode. Personally 21 minutes of the Office a week isn't enough and there is nothing like it, until now. Hopefully P&R is around to stay.
  • Leslie and Andy shine in this episode, while Mark continues to be a giant idiot.

    I'm still in favor of this show, and still believe it has the potential to be a great lead-up to the Office if they decide to bring it back for another season. I think that about half of the characters are being developed pretty well, or at least have been given funny lines and situations, while the other half still has a lot of work to do.

    This episode, in my opinion, wasn't quite as funny as last week's, but it gave a lot in terms of character development. Leslie, Tom and Andy are quickly becoming some of my favorite characters, while Ron's certainly working his way in there. For a manager, he's definitely different enough from Michael Scott to be considered original. The whole Scrabble storyline was pretty good too.

    The one part of the show that I don't like is the relationship between Leslie and Mark. I really am trying to find redeeming qualities about Mark, but I can't yet. The actor playing him is superb (watch him in Lars and The Real Girl, very good actor), but the character is sort of a player. Maybe that's a good thing.. makes it a little different than the Office.

    Either way, I'm finding myself actually excited to see whether the park will be built. And I also want to see the show return for another season. If they can bring back Kath and Kim, they can bring back Parks and Recreation.
  • All day long

    Parks and Recreation,
    The Reporter,
    - Leslie is over excited to hear that a reporter is coming to report about the pit. When the reporter get there Leslie acts in her weird out way if nervousness. She is told to leave the room by the reporter and talks to the real victims in this case, Ann and Andy. Were we find out Andy was drunk when he fell in to the pit, while trying to get a toaster from the end of the hole. During the fighting, we find out Ann is on pills, the reporter plans to put this in the story. Mark is told to smooth things over with the reporter, but he just winds up sleeping with her and tells her that park that Leslie wants is never going to happen. The reporter arrives to the pit to start asking Leslie questions there and to take pictures. The reporter is wearing the same clothes and is no perpared and is driving there by Mark. Leslie doesnt catch on fast about what happens but when she does she refuses to answer any questions and runs to Ann's house. After that the reporter is going to put what Mark said in the the story which is stopped by Ann who wants to make Leslie happy. In the end it is put as "Maybe" which overall makes Leslie happy. - A side part of the show is Tom playing scarbble with Ron, in which Tom trys to make it seem like he is stupid to Ron, but Ron reallys knows he is just lazy and likes it. - Overall i liked this episode better than the first two. Which shows the show is improving, and if NBC allows it to grow more the show will come to be just like The Office and 30 Rock.
  • I'm liking this show more and more every week.

    The awkward enthusiasm of Amy Poehler's performances is really starting to grow on me. Watching her trying to fire everyone up when it's painfully obvious that no one around her (aside from Ann) gives two hoots in hell if this park gets built or not. In this episode, her attempts to get some positive press by convincing a reporter to do an article on her pet project reveals a number of details that she would rather remain off the books. In order to "fix" the situation, Mark is asked to step in and finesse the remarkably hot reporter. He does. All night long. And in doing so, he spills even more information that Leslie would rather be kept under wraps. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable episode.
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