Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 2

The Stakeout

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on NBC

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  • Leslie and Tom go on on a stakeout; Ann and Mark go on their first date

    The second episode was good but a bit of a step down from the first episode. This was still enjoyable to watch. You finally get to see the development of Tom's character. While he is lazy, it comes off as enjoyable character trait. I think it was funny when you see Tom telling Leslie the names of the plants of rapers and Leslie not knowing. I enjoyed that the garden is in the pit but the story is not about the pit itself. You also see that Leslie is not totally over Mark. It's like life but it comes off well. While she is stalking Mark it does not come off as a crazy stalker. Leslie's character comes up a bit when she (and the rest of us) realize where Tom actually comes from. Another character is introduced when we are introduced to Dave. This was important with the whole Mark situation happening. One of the best parts is the scene with Leslie and Andy. This happens again and its very enjoyable.
  • Pretty good episode.. and Tom is just proving over and over that he's the best part of this show.

    Parks and Recreation will never reach the comedic levels of The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock or other elite comedies, but it is definitely entertaining nonetheless. And this episode proves that Tom Haverford is easily the best character on the show.

    The episode revolved around Leslie and Tom attempting to do a stakeout near the pit to see who planted weed at the pit (which has been turned into a community garden by the Parks and Recreation department). Meanwhile, Ann finally goes on a date with Mark and realizes that.. it actually wasn't that bad. These two plots were the most interesting.

    The worst part was the weird side plot with Ron and April. There were a couple of funny moments with Ron's hernia, but they weren't the greatest. It seemed filler compared to the stakeout plot. It was also nice to see Andy come back, even if he did seem to go a bit psychotic (seriously, he was going to have a rock fight with a crazy dude.. but that actually made me laugh)

    I'm liking this season so far.. definitely funnier then last season.
  • Parks and Recreation is getting better and better as the season progress

    Is parks and recreation too similar to THE OFFICE, nah! is Parks and Recreation HILARIOUS like THE OFFICE? hell yeah! This show is heading to it's right direction. Jokes are getting funnier and funnier. The characters are finding their comedic mojo and proving that they deserve to be in this show. This episode is showing that Parks and Recreation can be funny on it's own. I dont why people hate this show so much, and getting this low ratings score and viewers. Come on people, this show deserve to get renewed next fall. Dont label this show as a copycat of The Office, sure the show has the same mockumentary style as the office, and yeah it has the same writers and producers as the office, but it doesnt make this show a copycat! give this show as chance, watch the whole first season 1, and the season 2 and then judge. It's not too late to give this show a second chance!
  • Developed beautifully.

    Well picking up where the small cliffhanger left off. Ann is off to date Mark which the episode centers around. It had amazing development. Because what a coincidence that as Leslie was doing her stakeout with Tom (which by the way is way funnier than last season) Mark & Ann go on their date. While Ann's ex is watching Ann. It was really great especially when Mark & Ann thought that Tom was stealing the van. The boss's hernia plot was hilarious! Then the intern had to drive him home. That was hilarious! (i.e motion sensors) Pretty much a part two from the last episode. This show is getting good and you can see improvement.
  • Who grown it?

    Parks and Recreation,
    The Stakeout, - Leslie decideds that if she cant have the park then why not start a garden in the pit. In the last episode Leslie encourages Ann to go on a date with Mark. Trying to get over Andy, however she has mix feelings over the date and wonders if there is a way for her spy. The plan is set in motion after Leslie finds somebody has been eating the food and some marijuana has been grown in the pit as well. Leslie gets Tom to go along with her to pit to hold a stake out on the pit and on the date. Leslie finds out that Andy lives in the pit and has been eating the food. Ann invites Andy in to dinner in sympathy but Andy destroys the date and Ann kicks him back out to the pit in disgust. Tom gets drunk and causes a stir which causes Ann to call the cops and have him arrested. Leslie goes to the jail with Tom and Ann and tries to bail Tom out. Ann and Tom leave to finish the date they had off. Which Leslie stays and sleeps over at the station and the police officer takes notice into his consideration. A good romantic situation is being created. Nice to see where they show is going. Not the strongest episode but still a big improvement over last season.
  • Those are of course tomatoes. Or Soulja Boy Tell 'Ems.

    This episode can be summarized in one word: superb. But since it needs to be 100 words, I'll really take a good review of this episode. Most parts of this episode worked. Leslie is old-fashinoined apparently, and we learn that in a hilarious way. Tom proves he's one of the greatest parts of this show by making fake scientific names for plants, based on rappers. This also marks Leslie and Dave's arc. Both are awkward, but still it's a good arc. And Leslie continues to be a superstar in this show. She helps Tom Haverford, she is nice to some awkward cop and she still manages to keep a smile while doing her job. But like most, she has another side to her. Leslie misses Mark, also. She is jealous of Ann. This doesn't really go anywhere and it ends. I don't like this arc so much, but if it's started it should be ended. The Ron-April plot was okay, not a home run, but the thing we got out of it Ron Effing Swanson. So, looking back, this episode was great and this show needs more viewers. We all know that NBC is pretty good quality-wise/comedy wise and "Parks and Recreation" is no exception. However, less Ann/Mark/Leslie drama and more Leslie/Tom/Ron/April/Donna/Jerry/Dave/everybody else humor!
  • Hooray, plots are being developed!

    This episode deals with (maybe) marijuana in a community garden they planted in the pit, but mostly with forward momentum between all the characters, which is good. See also, a guest spot appearance by none other than Louis C.K., which is amusing. Again, the show is picking up-we see Tom be a genuinely nice guy to Leslie for a split second, a new romance burgeoning between Ann and Mark, and the story of Andy's new plight as a homeless man. By introducing possible long-running plots (C.K.'s new policeman character's possible love interest in Leslie, for instance), we see PandR pulling out of Office territory even further, and in possible other directions.