Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 7

The Treaty

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

The opening of the episode shows Leslie having arranged her collection of all model U.N. flags around the office and trying to get her co-workers to agree on available nations to represent. This is because she has been asked to run this year's model U.N. at a local high school. Ben is as enthusiastic as Leslie. Andy refuses to represent any nation that has been the bad guys in movies that he likes, and agrees to be Finland. April says she will not participate unless she can be the moon. Leslie says April can secretly run the moon if she agrees to be South Africa. Offering the nation of America to Ron isn't enough to make him join the party as he opposes any government, let alone a notion of a super government.

Moving to the day of the model U.N., Leslie is greeted by a student of the club (representing France) who is excited about real government participation. The club begins to solve the scenario of a global food crisis. Leslie and Ben (representing Denmark and Peru) are helping the kids to draft a treaty, but Leslie's campaign managers want her to do a photo op to bolster her credentials for commitment to education. Both Leslie and Ben individually address the audience to talk about their ended romance and how they seem to be doing fine as "just friends."

Andy is having fun at the model U.N. by trading all of Finland's "boring" resources to every country in exchange for lions. April has fashioned a tin foil crescent moon as her sigil instead of South Africa's flag.

Meanwhile, Ron is trying to get Tom to work in the Parks department again. He reveals that he saw Tom spraying fragrance at the mall, even though Tom claims to be working new business ventures. Ron does all he can to offer the position to Tom without offending his pride, including making him sit through interviews of his potential replacement to see how horrible the candidates are and how much the office needs Tom's personality. Tom stipulates that he will agree to come back if Ron begs him to do so in front of everyone in the department. Ron begrudgingly does this, but Tom turns him down and leaves. Ron goes after him and we see Ron violently seize Tom. Returning to the Parks department, Tom then begs Ron for his job and receives it.

Elsewhere, Chris seeks advice from Ann about why his new relationship with Millicent isn't going as well as he thought it was. Ann sarcastically tells him to launch a full investigation, but Chris likes the idea and gathers Jerry, Donna, and Ann to council him on the relationship. It eventually turns into Chris and Ann analyzing why their own relationship failed, while Donna listens intently.

Leslie returns to the table after her lengthy photo op only to find that Ben, frustrated with the long wait, merged their treaty with Russia's, cutting her out of the negotiations. Angry, she requests an aside with Ben, who then admits that he can't handle being "just friends" and needs to stop spending time with her altogether. Leslie can't accept that she must give up Ben completely, and makes an announcement to the model U.N. that Ben's betrayal must be met with a declaration of war. Most of the kids largely ignore the war scenario in favor of the food crisis. The situation escalates when Ben takes the microphone and asks the Security Council to formally condemn Denmark so that Leslie cannot take any further participation in the model U.N. Seeking to keep the war scenario from derailing the food crisis solutions, the council passes the motion. Enraged, Leslie makes her own announcement that her nation will not recognize the authority of the council and forms a "coalition of the willing." Loving the chaos, April gives her support to Leslie as the moon.

All plans of action against each other are stopped when the Security Council bans Denmark and Peru for good. The enthusiastic student from before draws attention to the fact that Leslie and Ben have driven most of the club members from the room with their imaginary war, ruining the model U.N. for the school.

Leslie feels guilty and April urges her to talk out her problems with Ben. They agree on a new treaty where she and Ben will have 5 minutes of fun conversation at work every day as a way to remain in each other's lives, even if they can't fully be friends (or lovers). As a way to make up ruining the model U.N. club for the students, Leslie arranges a new forum for the club to be held in City Council chambers for a state-wide model U.N. and promises not to participate. The students love the gesture and completely forgive her.

The credits scene features Tom's return to the office. With Andy as Leslie's new assistant in Tom's absence, he and Tom get the desks closest to Leslie, so Jerry has been moved again to an even smaller desk and right next to the copier so he can't hear anything.