Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 3

Time Capsule

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Leslie runs into some trouble while putting together a time capsule for the town when a man insists they include the Twilight books in the capsule.

When Leslie tries to let him down easily, saying there is nothing in Twilight that is specific to Pawnee and therefore does not qualify for the time capsule, the man chains himself to a chair in Leslie's office -- refusing to leave until she agrees to include the book.

Andy is jealous of April's relationship with Eduardo and confides in Chris who agrees to help Andy win April back, but Ann is none to pleased to see her ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend spending so much time together.

Meanwhile, Tom is suffering in the wake of his breakup with Lucy, a matter that is not helped by having to see Ron and ex-wife Wendy together all the time. When Twilight enthusiast Kelly suggests Tom read the books he initially dismisses the idea but ends up latching onto the series with much enthusiasm.

When Leslie discovers the real reason behind Kelly's passion for Twilight, impressing his 12-year-old daughter, she argues his case to Ron and Ben and ultimately decides to host a Public Forum to get a town consensus on a few more items to go in the time capsule.

The plan backfires, however, as a debate is sparked at the forum when each town member has their own idea of what should and should not be in the capsule.

At Chris's suggestion that Andy play to his strengths (which Andy summarizes as "nice" and "in a band"), Andy apologizes to Eduardo for treating him poorly and the two being to bond over music, much to April's dismay.

Tom invites Lucy in for a post-breakup talk and she informs Tom it was his obsession with Wendy and Ron's relationship that put the final nail in their coffin.

As the town debate gets headed, Ben is impressed by the town's passion, which sparks an idea, and Leslie is able to calm the masses when she suggests that instead of submitting any items to the capsule they just include the video footage of the forum itself.

Later, Leslie sets up a screening of Twilight in the park to please Kelly and his daughter. As the town gathers, Andy learns that April has broken up with Eduardo and Chris eases Ann's nerves about his budding friendship with her ex when he informs her Andy had done nothing but talk her up and wish them well.