Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • The Pilot of Partners

    The Pilot of Partners opened with a condensed history of the friends one straight the other gay who grew up together and are still a big part of each others lives. The characters were good but felt like hand me downs from Will and Grace. The story was some what interesting but definitely predictable. The jokes were ok but nothing really had me glued to the tv. I will watch more episodes to see how the show progresses!!!!
  • Would still keep an eye on this one.

    So many resemblance with Will and Grace that somehow it felt like forced. Would still watch the next episodes as it is not a hopeless and it's too brutal and early to tell if this will suck or not.
  • A Re-Imagined WILL and GRACE Complete with Rosario 2.0

    I just finished watching and it seems like someone (gee I wonder who) decided to have Jack and Will be business partners. And have Will actually married to Grace. And to make Jack's "wife" be an actually boyfriend who instead of being incredibly rich... incredibly good looking.

    I think for this reason, this show will find a hard time building a loyal audience. We've seen this all before and done much better!
  • Extremely predictable, but I have faith that there is room to grow...

    I LOVE the theme song. I am a big Imagine Dragons fan, but the clapping sample they played throughout the episode was very annoying. I really enjoyed this pilot even though Louis was a little TOO over the top. I love flamboyant side-kicks, but it seemed he was trying too hard. Then again, it was only the pilot. There is always room to grow. Other than that, I loved everything about the show. It is nice to see Sophia Bush again!!!