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  • Wayyyy too much canned laughter.

    The subject says it all!
  • Not every show can be a winner! This show not even close.

    CBS compared to NBC does a great job in putting on good entertaining television. However, this show is no where near good or entertaining. CBS be careful and not go down the dark hole that NBC seems to be pulling all of it's shows from. I hope this show get's the ax quickly.
  • bring it back !

    i loved the show ! i don't understand whats wrong with people who didn't . Pls just bring this show back where ever i will watch it and a million of people too, for sure !
  • Brings the Magic of the old days <3

    I have to admit the moment i saw episode one i hated it but then i gave it a 2nd chance and was watching the other episodes ! by far entertaining it gives you that vibe of those days when we used to watch Will and Grace , Friends , 3rd rock from the sun... etc those shows where it wasn't about dirty jokes that made it funny.

    It is similar to will and grace ! HE IS THE CREATOR OF WILL AND GRACE AFTER ALL IT CAN BE SIMILAR ! Its like a new century for will and grace. Characters grow on you the more you see and my BF were laughing at the jokes so much.

    I really hope it comes back.
  • why?, oh why?

    I am so in love with this show! Michael Urie is so funny. I loved him since Ugly Betty. Please, get this show back!!!
  • What? What? What?!!

    What happen? Why? I loved Partners since the beginning. I dvr it cause I work when it's on and realized yesterday I haven't seen it lately, so I looked it up and NOOO!!!! Are you serious? Michael Urie is hilarious! Thank God I still have The New Normal, love that show!!
  • BOOO! Why cancel? Very funny!

    Why cancel this show... it was great.... thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Why would they cancel this show?

    Sometimes i can relate to them and it was really great entertainment. Yes I repeat GREAT!!!. Sometimes shows just have to be entertaining. Not all shows have to be nonsense with nothing but bad examples to be on air. Screw the ratings, get this show back.
  • I want this show to be continue ...... =(

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  • Lack of Promotion for a GR8 show

    A long tym since a gr8 comedy show. Finally I found this & now it gone.......

  • whaaaaaat

    I cant believe they canceled this show. I loved the cast, the story. I thought this could be one of my new favorite shows. This show reminded me Will and Grace, we need a show like that.
  • Come back!

    This show was so good! Really wish it would get a second chance!
  • super sad

    this was a good show my wife and i loved it and it gets canceled it's sad that a show like this that reaches back to 90's sitcoms gets the ax and crappy shows like mike and molly are still on who really wants to see the misadventures of fat people like seriously ...

  • ouch....

    finally found a bush i liked...and then they take her away....thnx
  • Disappointed.

    I liked this show. I'm disappointed they cancelled it.
  • 6 episodes in - I LOVE IT!

    Does it have a laugh track? YES. So what? Is one of the main characters basically Jack McFarland from Will & Grace? YES. But you know what? I miss Will & Grace! I miss Friends and 90's shows like this one. It's a sitcom people, it's supposed to make you laugh and this show does it for me :)
  • love it !

    not the most original concept of the century , but still entertaining as hell :)
  • The show sucks

    Total overacting. One of the most unlikable characters I've seen in recent years...the overtly gay character, Louis. Completely unrealistic relationship scenarios. There is no way in hell in real life that Brandon Routh would date that insulting, obnoxious little queen. NO WAY! Also, Sophia Bush is hot. Her relationship is also a stretch, but she seems like a guy's girl. Joe is a nice enough and successful enough and attentive enough guy where their relationship might be plausible in reality. If I had my way...I'd ditch the gay guy and recast him, because I think he ruins the show. It's like this....YOU AIN'T JACK from Will & Grace HONEY...AND YOU AIN'T EVER GONNA BE! I really don't think this show stands a chance. Guess Sophia Bush is going to have find another vehicle where she's the star. She's very likable. I just don't like her in this show, in these scenarios with these people. Nuff said!
  • Why the low score? This is better than The New Normal

    This show is my new guilty pleasure. Sometimes some of the situations are too silly to digest, but other times it sells -- especially when it involves Louis. I dunno ... unlike other people's comments here I actually like Louis. Maybe 'cos I have a co-worker who is SO much like him. And really, is it so bad that he's so much like Jack in Will & Grace? I miss that show.

    Louis here is definitely more likeable than the lead gay guy in The New Normal. I really can't believe this scored lower than that show -- that one tries to make a statement but ... ugh. Bryan there has no redeeming qualities. This is a sitcom so Louis' character is forgiveable 'cos it's really not supposed to be taken seriously.

    Brandon Routh is effective as the boyfriend here (eyecandy!). As for Sophia Bush .. sorry girl, beauty + comedy are hard things to mix.

    I hope this show makes the cut, I signed up just so I could write a review for this. Give it a chance, people. If you like 2 Broke Girls, you might like this as well? (Twas my guilty pleasure laste year.)
  • Better as of the second episode

    The (loud) laugh track still makes the show feel dated, but as of the second episode, I think it's showing more promise. A problem I had with the pilot was how unlikable Louis was, and while he is still unlikable, it now feels intentional, which I guess makes it sort of okay.

    A big plus was that the second episode was actually funny, at least in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it has a lot of growing to do, but the jokes worked. Even though some of it were things I am a little embarrassed I laughed so hard for. Such as Louis putting on sunglasses when he didn't want to look Joe in the eyes. I don't feel invested in the characters yet, but I can kind of feel myself getting there. I'll get back to you by the four episode mark. I don't usually make reviews before then, but for some reason, I felt like I should defend this show a bit.

  • The First Off My List

    Despite the consistently great shows that CBS puts on the air, this one never should have made it this far. There are jokes that simply aren't funny and there is not one character that was remarkably entertaining. Most sitcoms have at least one breakout character that you see glimpses of in the first episode... "Partners" didn't have one. Bad jokes, unmemorable characters, "Partners" won't be lasting very long.

    I'm watching a lot of shows this fall season, and unfortunately, "Partners" is the first one that I won't be watching the next episode of.
  • Not a winner

    I don't know what I expected but I know what I got. A show that reuses the concept of so many shows, that actually uses a "live" audience to show the viewer where to laugh and where to feel empathy and even worse, the gay guy, it's 2012,haven't we gotten further than the stereotypical gay guy a'la Queer Eye For The Straight Guy?

  • Abort !

    you rarely see a ship sink before it left the dock.Not one character was convincing ! The idea is not original but still kinda interesting ,sadly the show is full of lame jokes
  • Rosario 2.0...Seriously?!

    I just finished watching and it seems like someone (gee I wonder who) decided to have Jack and Will be business partners. And have Will actually married to Grace. And to make Jack's "wife" be an actually boyfriend who instead of being incredibly rich... incredibly good looking.

    And instead of a housekeeper, Rosario 2.0 is now a sassy talking secretary.

    I think for this reason, this show will find a hard time building a loyal audience. We've seen this all before and done much better!
  • Uuuggghhh

    Lame dick jokes and the most hateable character (Louis).

    Another show with an over the top gay character.

    I'm starting to think that there are no normal gay people, just these over the top stereotypes.

    Too bad I like David Krumholtz but I'm out on this one after the pilot.

  • Horrible

    The Show was absolutely dreadful. Bad script and even worse dialogues.Brandon routh and Sophia bush were hardly there.Show has no zest and was in no way funny.Wont be surprised if they cancel after a couple more episodes.

    Don't waste your time on this show!
  • Awesome!

    Love this show :) Its going to be on for a while!! <3
  • Mehh....

    I dont know what to think of the pilot, it took a while for the story to develop but that's expected. i enjoyed men with kids, and the new normal were better right off the get go. looking forward to the next one see if it goes beyond the old 90's sitcom feel.