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FOX (ended 1996)

Now let's start the fire about this amazing show

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    Kinda disappointed, but not at all surprised, to find an empty forum.

    I really want to see if anyone else liked this show as much as i do. There is one thread about it on imdb, but that's not much. my guess is that it will take a while before anyone even sees this thread. but anyway.

    I think Partners was a great little comedy that certainly didn't deserve to be cancelled, especially not with a cliffhanger like that. But what's done is done, there is no chance we will ever get another ep or movie to resolve it. And by the looks of it, a dvd with the complete series is quite impossible too. Even though we live in a tv-shows-on-dvd craze, there isn't much hope for this show. But i would gladly pay waaaay more than a normal tv dvd to have all the 22 amazing episodes on my dvd shelf. I wish the bosses at fox (or whoever owns the dvd rights) would do something good and put the complete series on a dvd, instead of putting the first season of some crappy shows that doesn't sell and thus doesn't get any more releases. Give us Partners on dvd, please! Don't force me to ripp them with subs.

    That's all I had to say for the moment. Let's hope there are others like me out there.

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    I too remember this show, and second your sentiment about having it released.
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    I am way late to this thread, but in late 2012 ten or eleven episodes became available on Youtube as well as Pitillo's fan page.

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