Party Animals (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on BBC Two
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Episode 2
Scott is distraught following Jake's death and it is up to Ashika to cheer him up. Meanwhile, the filming of a controversial book, 'The Dishonoured' in Jo's constituency causes an argument between Danny and Kirsty, while the Conservatives face inside competition.

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    John Brain

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    Simon McCoy

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    Kirsty Wark

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    Pip Carter

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    Clemency Burton-Hill

    Clemency Burton-Hill

    Sophie Montgomery

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      • Scott: It could happen to any one of us at any time – your life reduced to a pile off boxes. I mean, that's strange.
        Ashika: I don't want to sound careless but a bottle of tequila and a gram of coke in the bloodstream do kind of lessen the mystery.

      • Scott: We were just having a drink.
        Danny: She's a Tory.
        Scott: So?
        Danny: And what does that mean – 'So'?
        Scott: It means I couldn't give a shit Danny.
        Danny: You couldn't give a shit.
        Scott: Seventy people died in Iraq today Danny. I think the line between good and bad has become a tiny bit blurred.

      • James: Our legislative agenda on biotechnology is pretty much a blank page.
        Scott: Oh well that is a shame, what with all your other policies being so well fleshed out.
        James: Well perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Government's book and set-up a task force.
        Scott: Please, please, you've got me back to rights. No more task forces.

      • Danny: You see the news this morning?
        Kirsty: I never watch news in the morning.
        Danny: Why? Er, well it can be useful for getting, you know, a handle on the day's political stories.
        Kirsty: Lots of people shouting and interrupting each other…I prefer music.

      • Danny: (Responding to Scott's insomnia) I've got six documents on urban regeneration funds in European Social Policy if you want to read them.
        Scott: And why the fuck would I want to do that?
        Danny: Well even I've snoozed off under their influence.

      • James: The Party In Waiting usually have the most attractive staff.

      • Danny: The thing is, Kirsty, there are times when politics isn't about fudging the issue. I mean sometimes it's about doing the right thing.
        Kirsty: Christ you can be fucking patronising sometimes.
        Danny: Sorry?
        Kirsty: Patronising and stubborn.
        Danny: Yeah well at least I'm not shallow and immoral.

      • Ashika: You're not coping too well, are you?
        Scott: I've got to clear his room out. My boss keeps phoning and every time I close my eyes I can see it. It's got so terrifying I'm scared to go to bed.

      • Richard: (To Ashika, referring to the presence of ethnic minorities in the Conservative party) You might be very now…different story when we've won the election, ey?

      • Richard: The consensus was that you must have studied law.
        Ashika: Why must I? (Richard and friends chuckle) Ok…
        Markus: Lighten up love, don't get all Shami Chakrabarti
        on us.
        Ashika: Why don't you say what you mean Markus. No go on, say it, say the words. Pushy Paki Lawyer.

      • Scott: Your sincerity rating is terrible. Then again, with your political party…
        Ashika: Uh uuh uh uh.
        (Ashika holds out her hand, into which Scott deposits small change – a charge for making fun of her political principles)

      • Richard: (To Ashika) Just remember one thing though, you put one foot out of step, I find the tiniest speck of dirt on you, then I'll fuck you over you jumped up little bitch.

      • James: You know recently you've been quite different.
        Ashika: Well why don't you try placating me with a jar if home-made honey made by your wife.
        James: What?
        Ashika: You heard me.
        James: She didn't make it.
        Ashika: You're lying.

      • Sophie: What are you up to next week?
        Scott: What do you have in mind?
        Sophie: A game of Connect Four – what do you think?

      • Jo: (Following an argument between Kirsty and Danny on what Jo's approach to a constituency problem should be) Good, wow, that's excellent. Remind me to consult you two Solomons again next time I want a second opinion.

      • Jo: This bloody book!
        Danny: Have you read it?
        Jo: Are you joking? Still, none of the protestors have either so we're hardly at a disadvantage.

      • Danny: There's a big kafuffle over this book, 'The Dishonoured'.
        Kirsty: It's crap.
        Danny: Oh, you've read it?
        Kirsty: Not really.
        Danny: Not really? Well, it's just, when it comes to reading a book you kind of either have or haven't.
        Kirsty: Someone gave it to me but the title annoys me.
        Danny: Why?
        Kirsty: ''The' Something'. It's as important you know, 'The Desired'. It's be ok for a band but not for a book. Plus, it's what, like a million pages long.
        Danny: I think I'd better read it.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • James: Our legislative agenda on biotechnology is pretty much a blank page.
        Scott: Oh well that is a shame, what with all your other policies being so well fleshed out.

        A reference to the wide-helf belief that Cameron's Conservatives have no actual policies; instead they concentrate more on image than politics.

      • Markus: Lighten up love, don't get all Shami Chakrabarti
        on us.

        Shami Charkrabrti is the political left-wing head of a British pressure group, 'Liberty'. She is also an ethnic minority.