Party Animals (UK)

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

A wealthy Russian man flees Russia before being arrested and hires Stephen's firm to organise his PR. Scott is appointed to the case and grudgingly introduces the Russian to Westminster. However, he is soon feeling threatened when he realises that the Kremlin may have good reason to be seeking extradition. When it looks like he cannot escape - the Russian client controls Stephen and Stephen in turn controls Scott, he decides to act by planting drugs in the Russian's suitcase and informing the police of a possible terrorism attempt.

It is Jo's fortieth and she only wants a small do. She leaves this to Danny and Kirsty to sort out. However Kirsty insists that they organise a big party. This leads to disaster when Jo's husband, Ian, walks out on arriving; it is clear that Jo is having home difficulties and she is angry at Kirsty's vanity.

Danny plans to get closer to Kirsty by getting some coke for them. However, Kirsty refuses. Later though, Scott offers her coke and she accepts. The pair end up sleeping together back to Scott's house, causing anxiety in the morning as Danny doesn't know Kirsty is in Scott's bed.

After arguing with James, Ashika visits the constituency for her candidate selection competition. However, it seems clear she will not win, as an ethnic woman - the previous candidate, Norman, knows the chairwoman well and seems to be the only option. Ashika then gives an excellent speech. At the last moment James turns up and rescues the day by promoting Ashika to the chairwoman. Ashika is then selected, but continues to be angry at James.