Party Animals (UK)

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on BBC Two



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    • Scott: The trouble with giving coke to girls Danny is you never really know who they're going to sleep with. I'm hearing very good things about rohypnol though.

    • Danny: I thought you were depressed about being forty.
      Jo: That's because you're an idiot.
      Danny: Yeah, we established that earlier.

    • James: I've been thinking though perhaps we don't habe to be side by side to be together, perhaps we can approach it from a different angle.
      Ashika: James you may have to start adjusting to not always getting precisely what you want.

    • Jo: I can't help thinking that I'm at the launch party for Kirsty MacKenzie's political career. (Walks away)
      Kirsty: Jo, listen, um, I hope you haven't got the wrong idea. I, I've been banging on a bit. I get like that when I've had a few (Smiles)
      Jo: (Grabs and downs a half-finished drink off the bar counter) Mmmmm. Ginger ale. Don't get cute with me. Forty remember. I wasn't born yesterday. What's it going to be like for you when you're forty, Kirsty? Twenty years of your nose up people's arses to look back on.

    • Scott: Let me tell you something about women Danny. When a woman's down to her knickers it's polite to have sex with her.

    • Nigel: As soon as central office said they were sending down a highflyer you could almost see the blood pressure rising. 'Some bloody – woman, parachuted in from London'…so if you get a bit of flak don't pay attention.
      Ashika: Better go say hello.

    • Ashika: James I'm asking for your help with the candidate selection.
      James: Yes I noticed that. Always a disappointment when a woman asks for something after sex. I remember when I was seventeen thinking I'd got on terribly well with this girl I'd met in a bar in Marseilles, turned out she expected me to leave a fifty frank note on the bedside table…suddenly came back to me.
      Ashika: You take your press release and your job. You stick them up your arse!

    • Stephen: This guy's kosher. He's a mild-mannered enterpenur.
      Scott: Russian Richard Branson.
      Stephen: Russian Richard Branson. That's good.

    • Jo: Ian's already climbing the walls about me being back late third nigth in a row. I don't want a divorce - too much on.

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