Party Animals (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on BBC Two



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    • Jo: Clem took his first steps at the weekend.
      Kirsty: That's brilliant.
      Jo: Yeah, it probably was if you were there to see it.

    • Scott: Oh ha ha, tell me it isn't true! Sophie Montgomery, you get a nosebleed in a postcode that doesn't have a 'W' in it?
      Sophie: This is no laughing matter Scott. Where am I? Who are all these badly dressed people?
      Scott: They're the working-class I told you about remember?
      Sophie: Oh, so that's what they look like?

    • Kirsty: We should have a child together. Your commitment, my drive, she'd rule the world.
      Danny: Or he.
      Kirsty: She.

    • Stephen: This is more pastry tsunami than pie.

    • Kirsty: Danny said I could sleep on the sofa tonight. Is that a problem for you?
      Scott: Why should it be?
      Kirsty: Well, you know, I might get so deranged with lust during the night that I crawl to your bed and hurl myself on your cock – again.

    • Danny: (Referring to Kirsty) Why are you always slagging her off?
      Scott: I dunno, maybe because she's a bitch.
      Danny: Hey! Don't say that.
      Scott: Wake-up Danny. She's scheming, she's shallow, she's dishonest, she's a careerist.

    • (At the MP surgery, Danny finds some flowers tied to the gate)
      Danny: Er, these are for you.
      Kirsty: Errrr, won't get very far with lilies. (Opens and reads note)
      Danny: What is it?
      Kirsty: "I'm going to make you really suffer bitch"

    • Kirsty: They're soldiers.
      Danny: Well I know they're soldiers. That doesn't mean-
      Kirsty: Soldiers get at the war zone and war zones mean they're killed. If they hadn't wanted that to happen they should have thought twice about joining the army.
      Danny: See this is what happens when you bleeding-heart liberals get anywhere near power.
      Kirsty: I'm just saying that soldiers get shot in wars and I don't need a public enquiry to explain that to me.
      Danny: (Holding up a bottle of milk) The milk of human kindness. Don't drink it all at once.

    • Gloria: The Woman's Institute are asking again.
      Ashika: Not a chance.
      Gloria: You could just make something up.
      Ashika: It's condescending crap. I'm not going to put on a sari and cook a curry for their evening.
      James?: Ashika, come on, don't be a killjoy, surely you must have a…rogan josh up your sleeve?
      Gloria: It's just meant to be the first recipe your mum taught you. Is that really so offensive?
      Ashika: I'm not pandering to their stupid stereotypes.

    • Danny: You think I should say something?
      Kirsty: If you want to lose your head.
      Danny: Maybe if it's done in the right way. Maybe we could do it together?
      Kirsty: No way! I'm not putting my career on the line to tell Jo she's got a drink problem.

    • Scott: Sullivan is seriously substandard.
      Sophie: Mmmm, why do you think they brought you in?
      Scott: What do you mean?
      Sophie: Well you're a specialist at selling shabby goods. This time you just have to do it to a gullible electorate. You're a salesman Scott, substandard's what you do.
      Scott: Great, thanks.
      Sophie: Mmmm. Cheer-up. You do it very well.

    • Graham Sullivan: I knew your dad Scott, he was a good man but frankly you're not on the same page, you're not even in the same library and I don't need some flashy little lobbyist to come and win my campaign.

    • Danny: You're quite exercised about your career, right, you don't try and hide that's what matters to you.
      Kirsty: So?
      Danny: So why do you do this, why not something more lucrative with more possibilities?
      Kirsty: Danny, what about the children and about 'Making Poverty History'?
      Danny: You're smart and articulate you could so well in PR. Look at Scott.
      Kirsty: No thanks!
      Danny: I would have thought that the corporate-
      Kirsty: Then you'd be wrong. PR! Thanks a lot Danny. You have such a low opinion of me.

    • Danny: Jo.
      Jo: Yeah?
      Danny: Er, well, there's no easy way to say this but I think you're drinking a bit too much.
      Jo: Is that so?
      Danny: Not like you're serious or anything but I've, just, er, noticed, you know, during the day sometimes…
      Jo: Been counting my units have you?
      Danny: No.
      Jo: I'm working all the hours God sends, I never see my son, unless he's asleep. We have a part-time nanny now and he already knows her better than me. He can say stuff in Macedonian but not 'mummy'.
      Danny: I understand.
      Jo: No you don't. you don't understand a thing.

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  • Allusions

    • In this episode we discover that Jo's son is called 'Clem'. This is a shortened version of the name 'Clement' and so is probably an allusion to Clement Attlee, the British Labour Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951. The character Jo Porter most probably named her son after Clement Attlee, who was the longest serving leader of the Labour party in history, having led Labour for twenty years.

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