Party Down

Season 1 Episode 7

Brandix Corporate Retreat

Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 01, 2009 on Starz



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    • Constance: Rick Fox, he's the guest speaker.
      Roman: On what topic? How the wealth I made from my pituitary abnormality relates to your dipshit corporate hell?

    • Kyle: (talking about Rick Fox) Dude that tall, I bet his dick's like two feet long. Probably like fucking a handsome giraffe. I mean, he could be in one room fucking her and in the other room reading a magazine. I bet when he gets a boner, it's it's like half a hula hoop.

    • Gary: It's Rick Fox o'clock!

    • Henry: When did you turn so negative against Rick Fox?
      Roman: A, he was overrated on the Lakers, and B, he is all over Casey like a fucking sleaze.

    • Kyle: If you've seen the movie 300 more than once you're gay.

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    • Roman: A winner is like Arthur C. Clarke or Stephen Hawking or Kafka.

      Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey), Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) and Franz Kafka (The Castle) are considered to be among the greatest novelists of the 20th century.