Party Down

Season 1 Episode 2

California College Conservative Union Caucus

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Mar 27, 2009 on Starz

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  • Good episode.

    After a shaky pilot Party Down delivered a solid offering from its second episode. The cast seemed to find its groove and the jokes landed as opposed to bouncing off the audience like in the first ep. Adam Scott's strengths were played to as they simply had him make snide, smarky remarks to his coworkers as opposed to attempting to become a glorified working-class hero, the image they tried to portray Henry Pollard as in the pilot. Jane Lynch also provided some solid humor to help out, as did Back to You and The Rocker's Josh Gad.

    Good episode, and it restored my hope in this series.
  • VERY good episode, and a lot funnier than the pilot.

    Party Down followed up its pilot with an even funnier episode, and found a way to bring the plots together in a very Curb Your Enthusiasm like way. It had a lot of funny moments with each of the cast members and a great ending.

    One thing I noticed about Party Down, having watched quite a few episodes of it now, is that they do sort of what Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld did with Curb and Seinfeld, and what Mitch Hurwitz did, to some extent, with Arrested Development. Each episode introduces certain things and you can bet that the things they introduce will come back and effect the outcome. In this case, it was a dirty flag from Iraq that the California Counsel was going to give to Arnold Scharzenegger. It'd be a shame to ruin how it all unfolds, but let's just say it's as funny, if not funnier, than any TV show on air right now. The problem with Curb sometimes is that Larry David fights to get the plots to tie together, especially in the later seasons. These episodes just feel really natural.

    That being said, the dialogue and conversations among characters feels natural and sort of low-key, like a somewhat calmer version of It's Always Sunny. They have a very specific way in which they talk to each other; filthy and inappropriate at times, but clever as well. Martin Starr is endlessly enjoyable and Adam Scott was just great in this episode too. In fact, it's hard to focus on just one character as standing out, because they all have their little moments. I do like this new relationship-type thing between Henry and Casey.. It's hard nowadays to get a couple on TV that people care about. Jim and Pam were the last good one, and even now, they're caricatures of themselves. Hopefully they can get this relationship to carry out good.

    Overall, this was a much stronger episode than the previous one. The premise itself was funnier, and the conservatives floating around the gathering lead to some funny lines, including a show-stealer between Henry and a couple of students who try giving him some strange advice.. Just a great episode.