Party Down

Season 1 Episode 8

Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh

Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 08, 2009 on Starz

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  • The funniest episode so far!

    Couldn't disagree more with the previous negative review: to me, this episode is the funniest of the whole season; the one that really made me laugh out loud several times. Sexual tension, jealousy, fear of dismemberment, hot Russian babes… what more do you need?!? Steven Weber as the retarded, psychopathic Russian mobster and his cohort of henchmen obsessed with Hollywood celebrities are just hilarious, as are all the little inside jabs at third rate movies and actors ("I saw Dingle Berries a hundred times!").

    Let's hope the show keeps this awesome level during the second season (too bad Constance is leaving; the new waitress is more annoying than funny).