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Starz (ended 2010)

CANCELLED?!! Starz burn out, implode and go supernova...Down in FLAMES!

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    [1]Jul 3, 2010
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    It's official.

    I HATE Starz. They are stupid and worthless. There is never anything good on Starz (which doesn't even deserve to be capitalized) and the only good shows they had (correction: GREAT SHOWS) were Party Down and Gravity.

    I cancelled starz last year so I had to find other ways to watch them, but this just reinforces my decision to cancel. Times are tight. Money is short. The first thing people do is start unloading luxury items they pay for monthly. Guess what starz...? You don't make the cut.

    I think if you go to the starz website forum (if they were smart enough to make one, doubtful) read what all the people are saying about the cancellation of these two shows. Especially Party Down, which had a cult following and Gravity which had a fan base that was growing as the show grew and the characters expanded. Bad business move.

    I only hope some other network, for instance IFC (which is leaning towards a new fanbase with edgy comedy) will pick up PD, dust it off and shine it up like the diamond it is.


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