Party Down

Season 2 Episode 1

Jackal Onassis Backstage Party

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 23, 2010 on Starz

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  • Good, because the show is great, but as a season opener, could have been a little stronger.

    I have nothing bad to say about Party Down. Never will. This show is so fricken hilarious. That is given. This being said, as a season opener it could have hit a little harder. Great to see all the old faces, minus Jane, plus Megan. I am interested to see if Megan's character becomes funnier, because so far I don't think she's hit her stride. C'mon people, this is Karen know that girl is ridiculous. I am guessing that the episodes will warm up, like they did in the first season. Some of them were just fun, but others were like...the funniest thing EVER.
    I am guessing next week will star Kristen Bell (or I could just check the episode guide, but why spoil the fun?) I'm sure everyone else wants to see Adam and Lizzie together again. They were really cute together and so dry and sarcastic. I am pulling for Henry and Casey. Aren't you?!
    Roman, played by the FABULOUS Martin Starr, can do no wrong. Dressed as a Marilyn Manson type, in leather, fishnet and a purple feather boa, he was resplendent.
    Still, poor Roman can't catch a break. How can you not love that freaky geek? He is my hero.
    Ken Marino was not his usual pathetic self, but I can tell Ron is heading for the brick wall-because no one wears pathetic and crazy quite as well as he does. Souper Crackers be damned, so glad to have him back.
    So yeah...I loved it because Party Down rocks the free world. I am excited to see what happens next and so happy to have it back.
    A solid episode, can't wait till the sh#t starts to go down, though...
    ...and you know it will!

  • Not too bad for a season premiere, but not as funny as I expected

    I don't have Starz, unfortunately, so while I catch up on my Showtime and HBO shows, I'm forced to miss any new Starz shows that premiere. I found Party Down on Netflix a few months ago and flew through the 10 episodes, enamored by its unique humor and especially its characters. Unlike some shows, the jokes depend completely upon the characters who tell the jokes. I thought that Party Down was one of the top three comedies last year and that Season 2 would be even better.

    The premiere wasn't my favorite episode by a longshot. With Henry as Team Leader now, things aren't quite as fun and carefree as they used to be. I understand that this is some good character development for Adam Scott's character, but if I'm being honest, his character works better as more of a joker. The scenes between him and Casey were painfully awkward, and it just didn't feel like that typical Party Down humor.

    There were some incredible parts though: Roman as Jackel Onassis was classic, and watching him try to pick up women while the real Jackel Onassis was great. Roman was great overall tonight, especially his discussion about Jackel Onassis' CD name and how it doesn't make sense. I'm not sure I can type it's name out on this site, but watch it for yourself and see. I wasn't a huge fan of Megan Mullaly's character, Lydia, but she's certainly a good actress, so I'm willing to give her more of a chance. But it sure was nice to see some more of Ron Donald, the pathetic and perpetually clueless old Team Leader of Party Down. You can't help but feel bad for the poor guy, and even if he's not as funny, he still is likable.

    I really hope Party Down can improve next week. It appears that JK Simmons and Joey Lauren Adams are making a return next week, and the episode with them last year was my favorite of that season. I have a feeling it'll end up being great.
  • A great reintroduction to all characters.

    Party down has always had a strange, mellow vibe to it that somehow makes the humor even stronger-the strange moments are made all the more surreal because everything is so simple and straight-laced. There are no characters who are over-the-top or uselessly implemented.

    This episode does well to express the span of time between last season to present-it reintroduces Lizzy Caplan's character, gives us strong Ron moments, and Martin Starr as Roman has never failed to be fantastic; in this episode especially. He and guest star Jimmi Simpson (as goth rock star Jackal Onassis) trade places. Simpson, really, has the ability to light up anything he's in, and this episode is no different-I'm saddened that he's not going to be a recurring character.
  • Season 2 premiere

    Party Down became a critical darling during its first season last year. The show did not attract a large audience, but those who did watch recognized how great the cast was. Jane Lynch left the show for Glee, Adam Scott will be leaving after this season, and Lizzy Caplan and Ryan Hansen could be leaving as well.

    But only Lynch was gone for this season, and yet it still disappointed. The show featured the same great party idea being hosted, but for some reason the humor wasn't there.

    Henry Pollard who was always good for some sharp wit provided anything but that tonight, and Ron Donald just came off as a cheap Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men clone tonight.

    Not a great start to the season.