Party Down

Season 2 Episode 1

Jackal Onassis Backstage Party

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 23, 2010 on Starz

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  • Good, because the show is great, but as a season opener, could have been a little stronger.

    I have nothing bad to say about Party Down. Never will. This show is so fricken hilarious. That is given. This being said, as a season opener it could have hit a little harder. Great to see all the old faces, minus Jane, plus Megan. I am interested to see if Megan's character becomes funnier, because so far I don't think she's hit her stride. C'mon people, this is Karen know that girl is ridiculous. I am guessing that the episodes will warm up, like they did in the first season. Some of them were just fun, but others were like...the funniest thing EVER.
    I am guessing next week will star Kristen Bell (or I could just check the episode guide, but why spoil the fun?) I'm sure everyone else wants to see Adam and Lizzie together again. They were really cute together and so dry and sarcastic. I am pulling for Henry and Casey. Aren't you?!
    Roman, played by the FABULOUS Martin Starr, can do no wrong. Dressed as a Marilyn Manson type, in leather, fishnet and a purple feather boa, he was resplendent.
    Still, poor Roman can't catch a break. How can you not love that freaky geek? He is my hero.
    Ken Marino was not his usual pathetic self, but I can tell Ron is heading for the brick wall-because no one wears pathetic and crazy quite as well as he does. Souper Crackers be damned, so glad to have him back.
    So yeah...I loved it because Party Down rocks the free world. I am excited to see what happens next and so happy to have it back.
    A solid episode, can't wait till the sh#t starts to go down, though...
    ...and you know it will!