Party Down

Season 1 Episode 3

Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 03, 2009 on Starz

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  • A singles gathering for oldies.

    People have called Party Down the new Arrested Development. No, it is not.

    But this was a step in the right direction and a vast improvement over the first two episodes. The dialogue was at a faster pace, but still not at the speed needed for this show to become a smash hit.

    Due to its producers Party Down is able to reel in big name guest stars, and such was the case tonight with Ed Begley Jr. who was enjoyable as Bruce. The problem lies with Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr who are just insufferable (although I did like Roman's rant about Casey being a 6.819).

    This show could be good, and that's why I plan to continue watching, but it has a long way to go.