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  • Funny, edgy, and cancelled

    I only recently discovered this show, so I know 10 episodes is the limit, and that's a shame. It's an engaging, sardonic ensemble comedy with a terrific cast (including several actors who went on to more successful series) and really interesting guest stars. It's sharply written, it's quite funny, and it's got a prickliness to it that I love but that probably was one reason it didn't make it.
  • Party Down where are you?

    I used to watch Party Down on Netflix, I can't find new episodes to watch. This is a kick ass funny show with a great cast of characters, I miss it teribly hope to see more episodes. Why is it that crappy shows can last for 10-years and a show this great disappears after two seasons?

  • Come for the Veronica Mars alumni, stay for the funny.


    I had no expectations for this series when I started watching it. In fact, the only reason I checked it out in the first place was Dick Casa...err, I mean Ryan Hansen, who was awesome in Veronica Mars. And I was delighted to discover that there are much more VM related people involved with this show, starting with creater Rob Thomas and ending with the occasional guest star like Jason Dohring or Alona Tal. But is just fanservice for VM fans? No, this show definitely stands on its own.

    Party Down is one of these modern comedies with the occasional drama, a style pretty much started by The Office. I don't really care for these kind of shows usually, but the humour here works quite brilliantly. The jokes pretty much keep coming at you with rapid fire, and most of them work; if you don't get one, don't worry, the next one is coming right up. If you judge comedy series by purely how much they make you laugh, Party Down deserves a high score. The jokes vary from pop culture references to dirty jokes, from physical comedy to witty word plays.

    The first season is pretty solid and funny, but I found the second one lacking at times. Having said that, I watched all the 20 episodes in two days, so it never really went too much downhill.

    Party Down is nothing special, but it is definitely worth checking out.

  • The Day Job of Hollywood Dreamers

    I recently finished watching both seasons of this gem and have to say that I am appalled that it was canceled. The show follows the crew of Party Down catering with recently retired actor Henry Pollard and the other misfits of the bunch. They aren't particularly good at their job when compared to fellow caterers Valhalla Catering, led by the magnificently gorgeous Kristen Bell in a guest spot, but they have heart and intrigue. This show dealt with a lot of themes of the biz lifestyle of life taking the risk of trying to make it big or having a life of security and the consequences of both outcomes. It was pretty deep for a thirty minute comedy so when Starz canceled it I imagine there was quite an uproar from fans even though the ratings were supposedly low but if there was ever a comedy to be saved on pure entertainment value and quality Party Down takes the cake after clumsily serving it.
  • This show is about a group of actors who do catering jobs in order to pay the bills. Each episode takes place at a new catering job and follows the exploits of all six characters.

    This show is completely original and has a very unique mood. Though all of the employees of the "Party Down" catering company have all but failed at acting, it does not follow the comedic routine of uncomfortable moments or hilarity at the expense of its characters. It is this type of originality that I believe most television is lacking in, and "Party Down" transcends barriers that most television shows are now constrained to. An added bonus for any Rob Thomas fan, is the cameos done by a familiar Veronica Mars actors, including characters in the "Party Down" catering crew.
  • Filled with great guest starts, cameos, and the occasional hilarious bit... there's potential here.

    I have a real soft spot for a couple of the character actors on this show, most notably Lizzy Kaplan and Ken Marino. But I especially love the always hilarious Jane Lynch! I'm a big fan of her work on The L Word and Two and a Half Men. So I knew I could give Party Down a watch and find something to like about it. I wasn't wrong.

    It's quirky in that "uncomfortably embarrassing" BritCom fashion...but it doesn't take the trashcan humor too far. While it's still rough around the edges, there's potential here.

    There is also a distinct flavor to the writing and shooting style of this show... it's oddly reminiscent of Arrested Development. I keep expecting Jason Bateman to show up on-screen. I wonder if we have some of the same writers or producers working on Party Down?

    Bottom Line: There's room for growth and more character development, but I really like the way each episode is set at a different catering event. Love the cameos and guest appearances, and look forward to seeing if this Starz offering can keep up with Showtime and the other networks.
  • Sure Party Down isn't for everybody, I mean Lizzy Caplan doesn't even show her boobs in this one! But there are still plenty of reasons to watch the show. Watch for Rob Thomas, watch for the guest stars, watch for crazy ol' Jane Lynch. Just Watch it!

    It won't bite I promise (although I make no promises for Jane Lynch)! Just hide behind the pillows for the cringe-y parts, force your way through the uneven pilot and then you won't be sorry.

    It's a smart ensemble comedy that doesn't rely heavily on any one character, which is probably a good thing because too much of any of them might be hard to take. The thing is, its well written, and the cast is pretty solid. I mean my better half can't stand Ken Marino, and I admit he's an acquired taste, but he's only one part of a pretty talented team. Caplan has been playing surly since she was born, so it wasn't much of a stretch for her, and Lynch is spot on with her comedy. The relative unknowns do are actually pretty good, if not a little rough around the edges.

    The fact is with 10 episodes, it's not too much of an investment, and I see room for growth. Give it a chance! I promise you won't hate it, in fact I predict that you might even like it!

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