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  • Season 1
    • A Roman Emperor
      Episode 2
      Dylan Marer, one of Hollywood's A-list party planners, is used to meeting the demands of his celebrity clients, but this time he's been asked by the Palms Casino in Las Vegas to throw a summer bash. Drawing inspiration from the emperors of ancient Rome -- among them one accused of outrageous excesses including orgies, dining on ostrich brains and riding around in a chariot drawn by naked virgins -- Dylan's determined to wine and dine the Casino's 3,500 party guests as if they were all gluttonous Romans ... well, almost. Party Like a Roman Emperor throws down the party-planning gauntlet in a city where excess is practically a religion.moreless
    • 2/9/12
      Dylan Marer, executive event producer to the stars, has been hired to put on the annual Playboy masquerade, a decadent masked affair that attracts Hollywood insiders and sexy starlets. Dylan's client, Hugh Hefner, expects the very best, but he's also looking for a fresh take on the masquerade theme. For inspiration, Dylan looks to a bewitching teenage queen who also happened to love a good masquerade party, Marie Antoinette. By examining the details of the queen's infamous masquerade parties at the Paris Opera two centuries ago, this episode explores one of the world's most enduring party themes, and sees what it takes to throw an unforgettable, successful masquerade with costumes, makeup and live entertainment in this day and age.moreless