Party of Five

Season 6 Episode 16

Blast the Past

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2000 on FOX



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    • Oliver (to Bailey): You have your problems, I'm sure, but booze isn't one of them, is it? From where I sit, your life - it's a beautiful dream. Be thankful for that and go home. You do want to go home, don't you?

    • Adam (to Julia): Why do you think he sent this? People don't mail announcements when they elope.

    • Justin: I love you, I always have, and Laura - she wants to get married, and I love her too. But the only problem is that if I'm gonna take this leap, I keep asking myself is it supposed to be us. Should I be taking this leap with you? So I wrote you because I wanna know how you feel. I mean, the last time I saw you you said all that stuff, and, how do you feel?
      Julia: I don't know.
      Justin: Well, it's a hard question. I realize that, but...
      Julia: Justin, how could I possibly know?
      Justin: Right.

    • Todd: You think that I'm not interested?
      Claudia: Well, what am I supposed to think? You're like the king of mixed signals.

    • Charlie (to Kirsten): Bailey had some kind of meltdown.

    • Kirsten (to Charlie): I'm pregnant. That's why I've been such a mess lately, Charlie. I'm not depressed. I've been - I'm swimming in hormones.

    • Bailey: It's OK. I'm OK. But I'm starving.

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