Party of Five

Season 1 Episode 3

Good Sports

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1994 on FOX



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    • Charlie: Listen I got this idea. It says here there's a new band at the Armory and they're supposed to be really hot and I get off from the bar early. You free?
      Kirsten: There must be something in the water. Suddenly everybody's interested in my social schedule. Actually I got 2 front row tickets to Liz Phair tonight.
      Charlie: Ok thats just as good.
      Kirsten: I'm going with George. He got them through his law firm.
      Charlie: I can't believe you're going out with a lawyer. I mean isn't that kind of button down for you?
      Kirsten: No, its kind of perfect. The truth is I kiind of owe it all to you. If you hadn't bailed out on me a couple of weeks ago George and I might have never hooked up.
      Charlie: If I could bring one ray of sunshine into your life.
      Kirsten: You know, I thought we had something going Charlie but you kind of weirded-out on me.
      Charlie: I was trying to be a lot nobler then I actually am.
      Kirsten: I'm not following you.
      Charlie: Never mind it'll never happen again.

    • (Julia trying to fit in with the popular girls)
      girl#1: So we party on the street corner..... please.
      Julia: Wait a minute. You just need a place?
      I know a big house, zero hassles, total freedom and immediate occupancy.
      Girl#1: Are you kidding? Are you serious?
      Julia: You want to say 7:00?

    • (Bailey and Charlie in the waiting area for the principal)
      Mr. Harlen: Charlie Salinger... you didn't set fire to the boys bathroom again did you?
      Charlie: Hey Mr. Harlen.
      Mrs Peterson: Oh my goodness if it isn't Charlie Salinger.
      Charlie: Hey Mrs. Peterson.
      Mrs. Peterson: We still talk about the peephole in the girls lockerroom.

    • (Party at Julia's house)
      Grunge Kid You really ot to let yourself loose. I practically got trampled to death at a Beastie Boy concert.
      Julis: Oh really?
      Grunge Kid: It was totally cool when you this close tohaving you skull crushed by a skinhead wearing a pair of
      Doc Marens. You know you're alive on the planet on the planet you know?

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