Party of Five

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • I never watched this show when it was on, I was too little. But now thanks to DVD I was able to get into it! I love the characters and the stories they tell. Party of Five is one of those Classic shows like Dawson's Creek, Buffy, and Angel.

    I remember buying the DVD having never seen the series before. I bought it because of Matthew Fox. I am a huge LOST fan and I wanted to see his earlier work. I fell in love with this show!! I get so into their drama, helps me forget about my own. Each character brings something different to the table, and they deal with everyday issues in a way a family should. I love the way they stick together, I wish I had a family like them! Charlie- played by Matthew Fox whose hair got better after the first season, is deffinately a womanizer, though after finding love with Kirsten he ends all that, until he loses her and goes back to his ways, Bailey- played by Scott Wolf is the more sensitive side of the family but gets himself into trouble, especially when hanging out with the Wrong crowd!
    Julia- Played by Neve Campbell is a confused teenaged Girl, going through typical girl things, and guys. And little sister Claudia- Played by a very young Lacey Chabert, she is the typical little sister, but amazing young violinist. And Chabert is an awesome actress at her age. I love this show, I've only seen 2 seasons of the 6, but I can't wait for more!