Party of Five - Season 4

FOX (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Fools Rush Out
    Episode 24
    Sarah confesses to Bailey that she still loves him. They get back together and finish in bed together. Julia gets accepted at Stanford, making Griffin feel like he is holding her back from her college life. Charlie tells Daphne he will take full responsobility as the father of her baby if he has to. Claudia and Jamie end up dancing in the playing field by themselves.moreless
  • Fools Rush In
    Episode 23
    Griffin wins a free trip to Los Angeles when he turns out to be the thousandth customer at the supermartket. He and Julia gets closer and ther relationship seems to filled with love again. Meanwhile, Charlie is bothered by Daphne's stripping and that makes some troubles in their relationship. The real shock comes when she admits being pregnant. Claudia is finally happy when Jamie asks her to go to his prom.moreless
  • Opposites Distract
    Episode 22
    Julia expects help from Justin to solve her marriage, but it all turns out differently. Sarah wants to make peace between Annie and Bailey, so she finally decides to get them together to resolves their problems. Charlie stars in Daphne's musical.
  • Free and Clear (2)
    Episode 21
    Sarah and Bailey spend time taking care of Annie'd daughter and Sarah realizes she still has feelings for him. Julia and Griffin go to a marriage counselor, after what Julia announces she'll go to college. Joe decides to sell the restaurant, so the family buys it, because Bailey is ready to manage it.moreless
  • Square One (1)
    Episode 20
    Charlie decides to throw up a party due to his remission, but everyone has something else to do on the date he wants to throw the party. He meets Daphne, a stripper, who makes him realize his life should change now when he is out of danger.
  • Go Away
    Episode 19
    Julia, Bailey and Charlie leave to their family cabin up in the Sierras to relax for some time. Claudia is convinced that noone really cares about her anymore and sends off some college applications. Julia talks to Griffin about Rosalie. Bailey finds out Annie was forced to go into a rehab clinic.moreless
  • True or False
    Episode 18
    Claudia gets help from a psychologist. Griffin discovers that he cannot fight with his growing attraction to Rosalie anymore. Julia rediscovers the academic world in a college literature class.
  • 2/11/98
    Charlie asks Kristen if he can leave Claudia and Owen for her if he dies. She wants to, but Paul doesn't like children so much. Claudia has been missing school for several weeks and the school calls for a meeting. Bailey and Julia are so busy that they don't show up. Social Services are called and they get Claudia and Owen. They say they were neglected and Julia and Bailey do the best they can to get them back. Julia and Griffin offer to take care of them. Everybody is mad at Claudia, who is feeling very lonely. Meanwhile, Rosalie is flirting with Griffin, and kisses him.moreless
  • I Give Up
    Episode 16
    Griffin is selling the shop and the only one interested in buying it is his business opponent. He has no choice and sells it. He and Julia are now debt free. The new owner offers him a job at the store, which he refuses to take until Julia convinces him to. Charlie has pneumonia and is back to the hospital. He gets better, but is too depressed to feel good. Everybody worries about him. He decides to make a will just in case. Bailey decides to drop out of college so he can deal with everything. Paul tells Kristen she's still in love with Charlie. Claudia is skipping school.moreless
  • Here and Now
    Episode 15
    Charlie finds out his friend Kevin is in complete remission and is convinced that his recovery made his chances to recover smaller. Julian and Griffin finally realize they are investing money in failed business. Sarah is convinced that she'll die as a virgin, until Elliot comes out of the closet.
  • Of Human Bonding
    Episode 14
    Charlie puts on a new behaviour, prompted by his fellow friend who is also a patient. Julia spends time with Jeanie, a woman she works with and they talk about their troubled marriages. Bailey wants to bond with Annie's daughter. Julia is surprised when she finds out Jeanie left her husband.moreless
  • Parent Trap
    Episode 13
    Tired of hiding their relationship to Natalie, Bailey and Annie decide to tell her the truth, who does not takes it too well. Reed finally tells Claudia the hard truth to convince her that he is not her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Julia and Griffin's relationship worsenes. Prompted by an unexpecting persistent rash Charlie decides to try out a medicine.moreless
  • Empty Shoes
    Episode 12
    Bailey realizes he needs to fire Julia from his restaurant, because she is a terrible waitress. Charlie asks for help at home and the restaurant after he realizes he is unable to function. Claudia realizes that Reed does not has the same feeling to her like she does to him.
  • S'Wunnerful Life
    Episode 11
    Sarah and Bailey host a Christmas party, while Charlie decides to go on a long distances trip with Kirsten. Will realizes that he and Bailey are living in totally different worlds. Julia pains a nice picture inspired by Justin.
  • Adjustments
    Episode 10
    Sarah convinces Julia that she needs to find a real job for herself. Charlie won't accept the help that his family is offering him. Bailey misunderstands Charlie's frustrations towards Annie. Claudia is furious to find out that Julia and Griffin fired Reed to get out of their financial problems.
  • Truth Be Told
    Episode 9
    Now when she knows the truth about their financial problem Julia starts working on resolving the problem with Griffin. Meanwhile, Charlie's relatives struggle to deal with the fact that Charlie is sick.
  • 11/12/97
    Julia finally finds out about Griffin's financial problems before they renew their wedding vows. Nina can't face the fact that Charlie is sick. Bailey brings Annie and Natalie to the wedding, but his decidion to bring Natalie causes a big disaster.
  • Positive Attitude
    Episode 7
    Griffin still keeps the truth about his finance problems away from Julia and decides to borrow a lot of money from a business associate. Charlie collapses on the racquetball court and later tells everything to Kirsten. Sarah is convinced that now is the right time for her to lose her virginity, but her plan fails. Due to her decision, Bailey ends up in bed with Annie.moreless
  • Immediate Family
    Episode 6
    Following Julia's advice, Griffin tries to bond with her brother Charlie, who confesses to Nina that he loves her. Bailey and Annie quit their short relationship. Charlie faces Kirsten.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 5
    Charlie and Nina's relationship gets slowed down when they realize they have different looks at the world. Bailey and Annie start bonding and talking about their addictions. Griffin realizes that something in wrong with Julia.
  • Zap
    Episode 4
    Julia's co-worker Daniel misreads her intentions and kisses her. He tells her she does not seems like a married woman. Meanwhile, Owen finds Charlie the perfect woman called Nina. Bailey and Sarah are plotting something against the woman in near apartment – until Bailey realizes that she it at the AA meeting.moreless
  • Handicaps
    Episode 3
    Griffin holds back the truth about his financial problems to Julia. Bailey and Sarah decide to move in together, believing they will resolve their problems that way. All Charlie's dates turn out to be a disaster.
  • Past Imperfect
    Episode 2
    Griffin is annoyed when his boring friend comes to a visit. Claudia gets busted while snooping inside Reed Isley's locker. Meanwhile, Charlie is bothered by the rumors about child abuse, so he decides to not let Owen go to pre-school.
  • What a Drag
    Episode 1
    Julia has some troubles with adjusting as a married woman. Claudia wants to be popular in high school. Sarah's father put charges against Bailey when Bailey was driving drunk.