Party of Five - Season 5

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • In this special episode of Party of Five, the show creators, Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser talk about how they cast the Salinger family and started the show. The stars have to answer a trivia quiz about their characters and talk about their favorite moments. They also talk about how hard was shooting with babies and a dog; the cancellation ghost that surrounded the show during its 1st season; beating strong shows such as ER, NYPD Blue and Chicago Hope in the 1996 Golden Globe Awards; and how Jennifer Love Hewitt got a permanent character instead of her original 9 episodes role; and their gratitude to the fans, who kept the show going and gave ratings good enough for more seasons.moreless
  • Moving On
    Episode 1
    Julia packs her bags and leaves to Stanford, while Bailey has to take off Claudia away to Massachusetts to boarding school. Meanwhile, Charlie drives Daphne crazy with his over-protectivness. Sarah and Bailey go to check out the new loft apartment. Daphne leaves.
  • Separation Anxiety
    Episode 2
    Sarah receives a terrible news – her parents have separated. Claudia feels like a nerd in the school, but as time passes she realizes that being smart is not a bad thing after all. Charlie goes to a lawyer to ask about parental rights during the fact that Daphne has returned and ends up with a new job. Julia realizes she has feelings for Josh.moreless
  • Naming Names
    Episode 3
    Julia and Griffin have a little game going on - they both lie to each other, In the meantime, Charlie is very happy to find out that he is going to have a baby, but Daphne is total opposite. Sarah is shocked to find out that her biological mother died in a plane crash. Claudia tries to lead a normal perfect life.moreless
  • 10/28/98
    Charlie and Daphne make peace between each other and Daphne confides to him that she is scared. Julia tries to stay away from Ned after their recent kiss, but she ends up in his arms. Maggie suspects that something is happening to Will when he begins to act strangely.
  • The Baby
    Episode 6
    Daphne and the rest of Charlie's family is in the hospital and she is worried what will happen with her when she is forced to decide between having a C-section, or dying from liver failure. Maggie catches Ned and Julie together. Griffin meets Ned at the hospital. Sarah and Bailey give Hannah a roof under her head and Sarah is shocked when Bailey gives Hannah money for an abortion due to her unhappiness with the pregnancy. When Daphne finally decides to have a C-section, the whole family is worried what will happen.moreless
  • 11/11/98
    Owen is not too satisfied when all the attention goes to Daphne and Charlie's baby Diana. Daphne is worried about how will she do with the baby and she suspects that everything will go wrong. Claudia comforts Owen. Bailey moves out of Sarahs apartment when he feels that the strong line of love between them broke. Julie is worrie about the consenquences of her relationship with Ned. However, they make love...moreless
  • Tender Age
    Episode 8
    A Thanksgiving Day at the Salingers' is nothing but peaceful. Owen runs away from Charlie in the mall and the family must look for him. Julia invites Ned to the house for the Thanksgiving Day. Claudia tries to reach to her family, but Daphne keeps on dodging her phone calls until Claudia starts to be worried. Bailey and Sarah talk about their relationship.moreless
  • Love and War
    Episode 9
    Charlie has some hard time trying to be there for both Owen and Diana and has some sleep. Bailey fights with the opening of a new restaurant. Julia finds out just how bad Ned's relationship with his parents is. Meanwhile, Claudia wants to go home immediatly.
  • Gifts
    Episode 10
    After finding out more about Ned's relationship with his parents and his brother, Julia wants to get closer to Ned's brother. Griffin goes to Boston on a job task and finds Claudia there. Charlie realizes that Daphne isn't really bonding with their daughter.
  • One Christmas to Go
    Episode 11
    Ned does his best to keep Julia by himself during the holidays. Daphne's mother visits and Daphne realizes just how much she is like her mother - and that's why she has hard time taking care of her baby. Owen has a little fun of his own - stealing - and Bailey is there to teach him against it. Claudia wants to have just a normal Christmas with her family.moreless
  • Rings of Saturn
    Episode 12
    When Charlie can't take care of him, Bailey takes Owen on a camping trip and it turns out to be a total disaster. Kirsten and Paul talk about adopting a baby after Kirsten accepts to be a volunteer in a hospital. Daphne is still having hard time trying to take care of Diana. She goes to church after 15 years of absence and it makes her think about her life. Ned finds out that Maggie has a boyfriend. He convinces Julia to move into his room, but Maggie changes her mind. When Ned realizes it, he hits Julia.moreless
  • 1/20/99
    Julia is still shocked by Ned's behaviour and she won't talk to anyone about it. Griffin tries to get Claudia to join his band and play the violin, but he totally fogets about his other band members. Charlie has some hard time trying to cope with the fact that Daphne left. Bailey and Sarah go to a restaurant, where a robber attacks them and steals some money & Sarah's necklace. Sarah is afraid that the robber will return, so she's in constant danger. Julia decides to talk to Ned.moreless
  • Fillmore Street
    Episode 14
    Griffin realizes that something bad happened between Julia and Ned. He tries to help, but it leads to nowhere. Charlie becomes a woman-magnet now that he is a single-father and doesn't know about it. Claudia tries to put the member of the band back together, so she tries to become friends with Cody. Kirsten feels that she's ready to adopt a baby, but Paul is reckless. Sarah tries to become friends with Albert, the guy that mugged her.moreless
  • Stand by Me
    Episode 15
    Griffin still feels that something is wrong in Julia and Ned's relationship, so she wants Justin to help Julia before it's too late. Charlie decides to find Daphne after reading her file. Kirsten and Paul decide to get separated. Ned convinces Justin that there's nothing wrong in his and Juilia's relationship. Sarah trusts Albert and brings him to her apartment, but when she's absent, Albert steals Sarah's keys and Bailey's gun, which leads to a total disaster in the building. Cody and Claudia get closer.moreless
  • Whatever Works
    Episode 16
    Now even more determined to find Daphne, Charlie leaves for Los Angeles. Julia convinces everyone that everything is allright in her relationship with Ned and it leads Griffin to madness. He refuses to sign the divorce papers and ends up beating Ned up. Ned is rushed to the hospital, while Griffin has to go in jail. Bailey has to choose between his family life with Owen and a new amazing business offer. Cody steals a gift for Valentine's day and gives it Claudia who knows about it.moreless
  • Party of Freud
    Episode 17
    Now that he turned down the business offer, Bailey gets closer to Owen and is surprised to find out that he may have a learning disability. Charlie convinces Daphne to return to San Francisco, but she backs out at the last moment, thinking she is not ready. Charlie kicks Griffin out of the apartment. Julia tries to make Ned get some help, but it backfires heavily. Kirsten moves to Chicago with her parents.moreless
  • fam-i-ly
    Episode 18
    Maggie confesses to the Salingers that Ned hit Julia and they all try to get Julia to break up with him, but she refuses. Charlie and Baily fight over Owen's custody. Meanwhile, Sarah finds out that her mother is getting remarried. Claudia announces that she will be going to Stanford.
  • Driven to Extremes
    Episode 19
    The battle for Owen's custody between Charlie and Bailey continues and it drives everyone else crazy. Meanwhile, Owen's learning disability grows. Maggie and Julia leave to go to the museum. Griffin kidnapps Julia, while Ned searches for her. Maggie confesses to him that she's not with her. Julia finally leaves Ned.moreless
  • Judgment Day
    Episode 20
    The fight between Charlie and Bailey for the custody of Owen continues. They go to a judge. After leaving him, Ned starts to haunt Julia around. The whole family goes to court so the fight would finally be over.
  • The Wish
    Episode 21
    Claudia is celebrating her 16th birthday and her only wish is that the whole family is together. Julia and Griffin are trapped in an elevator in a blackout. They reunite. Paul talks to Charlie about Kirsten and tells him that she belongs to him. Sarah talks to Claudia about men. Claudia's wish comes true.moreless
  • Get Back
    Episode 22
    Julia and Griffin are finally back together. Julia drives Claudia home from school and tells her the happy news. Bailey realizes that Owen is losing his heritage by living away from the Salinger house. Claudia realizes that she is in love with Griffin. She talks to Charlie about Kirsten and his plans. Kirsten tells him that she has been accepted on a overseas-program and she may be away for a long time.moreless
  • Fragile
    Episode 23
    Charlie and Kirsten's relationship grows as he moves into her apartment. Sarah and Bailey move back to the Salinger house. Julia gets closer to her professor. Bailey tries to stay faithful to Sarah when he's around Lauren all the time. Claudia and Cody go on a concert and find out more about each other.moreless
  • I'll Show You Mine
    Episode 24
    Claudia tries to slow down her new relationship with Cody. She's too afraid about moving way-too-fast. Julia moves closer to her writing professor and ends up kissing her, but she is the one that does not want to be played. Sarah and Bailey move even more away from each other. Charlie tries to talk to Kirsten, but learns that the easy way is not the way he has to go with Kirsten.moreless
  • Haunted
    Episode 25
    Julia spends all her time dating new guys and she realizes just how much she needs some time alone with herself. Daphne finally shows up in San Francisco. Kirsten feels threatened by her, while Charlie tries to explain Daphne that he's with Kirsten now. Sarah has some hard time trying to figure out just what is she doing with her life. Daphne tells Charlie that she's back in San Francisco so she could get Diana back. Bailey decides to solve the situation with Sarah by buying an engagement ring.moreless
  • Otherwise Engaged
    Episode 26
    Bailey proposes to Sarah and she says yes, but changes her mind later, thinking that she is way too young to go into something this deep. Meanwhile, Charlie proposes to Kirsten and later she accepts. Daphne has some hard time trying to fit into their new situation. Claudia tries to get closer to Cody and she's ready to drink with his friends in order to get him. Justin wants to help Julia with her finals, but she seems to be doing just fine on her own.moreless