Party of Five

Season 1 Episode 20

The Trouble with Charlie

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1995 on FOX



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    • Charlie: (in response to the party Claudia threw at the house) I thought I said...
      Claudia: You said I was grounded, that I couldn't go out. Well, I didn't go out. I brought everyone in.

    • Charlie: You eat way too much sugar, that's the whole problem.
      Claudia: I do not!
      Charlie: Yes, you do! Why don't you have a nice piece of fruit when you get home from school?
      Claudia: Why don't you get a haircut?
      Charlie: I'm serious, Claud, when was the last time you had a vegetable?
      Claudia: When was the last time you put down the toilet seat?

    • Charlie: So, how many?
      Claudia: A couple....a few....some....six.
      Charlie: Six? Six cavities? That's, like, 20% of your teeth, Claud!

    • Charlie: You are NOT doing this to me anymore, have you got that? When I tell you to do something, you say 'Yes, Charlie,' 'Thank you, Charlie', and you DO IT! You obey me, and you treat me with respect, or I swear to God...
      Claudia: WHAT? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna take away from me next?
      Charlie: That is not what's going on!
      Claudia: And in front of all my friends? Forget it! Why do you get to boss me around?
      Charlie: Cut it out, Claudia!
      Claudia: You never listen to a thing I say!
      Charlie: I don't wanna hear this...
      Claudia: Why do I have to listen to you?
      Charlie: Because I am the father around here!
      Claudia: I don't care!
      Charlie: God! (raises hand to hit her, quickly stops himself)
      Claudia: Some father.

    • Claudia: I'm eating an apple.
      Charlie: (doesn't look up) Yeah, well, good for you.
      Claudia: It's really delicious. I'm really enjoying it. I'm going to be eating lots of them from now on, broccoli too.
      Charlie: Have you seen the checkbook?
      Claudia: I'm sorry, Charlie.
      Charlie: Yeah, well, just help me look for it.
      Claudia: No, I mean...I'm sorry about before. You know, with the sleepover. You got so mad...I didn't think it would make you that mad. You almost hit me...
      Charlie: I don't want to talk about that, OK?
      Claudia: But I...
      Charlie: OK?

    • Charlie: Claudia, go to your tent!

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