Party of Five

Season 6 Episode 6

Too Close

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1999 on FOX



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    • Griffin: (to Daphne) First of all, you don't have to say anything to me. I mean, I'm the creepy guy that was in there in the first place. So, I mean, and second of all, people do what they gotta do. Who am I to judge? And third, I don't know, I thought you looked good.

    • Daphne: (to Griffin) So, you got a eyeful the other night, huh? Thank God for dimmers.

    • Tracey: So what is the official position on yours? Do we hate her, or is no one to blame?
      Bailey: The last one.
      Tracey: Ouch! I hate when that happens.

    • Tracey: OK, if you can't even lift the glass I am guessing somebody died, you lost your job, or the love of your life just took a hike.
      Bailey: What?
      Tracey: I'm rootin' for number three, you know, so we can bond.

    • Joe: You think love matters less than the dates on your drivers license?

    • Bailey: So, what, you're gonna tell me now that AA says you shouldn't fall in love, that love's just like another addiction?
      John: No, of course not.
      Bailey: Because, to be honest with you, John, she was like a crutch. I mean, I stayed sober for her more than anyone. And there were a lotta nights where I wanted to use where she was the reason I didn't - her alone. So how does it feel to free? I'll tell ya, it feels like... frankly, it feels like I wanna drink.

    • Myra (to Charlie): I'm about as appealing as spinal meningitis. I'm like the fantasy equivalent of burning tar.

    • Evan: Well, you could tell her that you were working with Isabel.
      Julia: Well, then I would have to let Isabel in on the secret, and that's pretty much like putting it on CNN.

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    • Featued Music:
      "Red Vines" by Aimee Mann
      "Push It" by Garbage
      "Adam's Song" by Blink 182
      "Baby What You Want" by Etta James
      "Black and Blue" by Ethyline
      "I'm too young to be fed up" by Last December

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