Party of Five

Season 6 Episode 15

What If...

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2000 on FOX



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    • Justin (to Julia): How was your family meeting?
      Julia: Great, except my idiot brothers are suddenly acting as though the anniversary party was my idea."
      Justin: Well, who's was it?
      Julia: That's not the point.

    • Bailey: I have a cigarette every once in a while, but only when I drink.
      Claudia: Ah ha. And judging from your pyramid here, you're up to what, like, five packs a day?

    • Julia: I sound like the shower scene from Psycho. I'm sorry.
      Griffin: You're not that scary.

    • Felicia: I'm pregnant.
      Charlie: What?
      Felicia: I was late. I peed on a stick. I'm pregnant.

    • Julia: You've had sex?
      Claudia: Don't you even read my e-mails? I have been dropping some serious hints.

    • Kirsten: Frankly, I don't have a whole lot of patience for men who never think past their next conquest. Who think they can have sex like that and just blow off the consequences.
      Charlie: Look, you don't know me.

    • Julia (to Griffin): I'm Julia Salinger from last night. The Psycho squeak?

    • Julia (about Bailey's beer): Is that your lunch? Very healthy.
      Bailey: Are you tryin' to sound like Mom or can you just not help it anymore?

    • Claudia: Wow. Mom did some redecorating.
      Ross: Yeah. It's very Martha.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Feel" by Pharcyde
      "Here I Am" by Josh Joplin
      "Watermark" by Continental Drifters
      "Desolee" by Les Nubiennes
      "Lakme" by L. Delibes
      "No Sad Story" by The Flys
      "Get Off" by Julianna Hatfield
      "Just Watch the Fireworks" by Jimmyeatworld
      "Love Yourself" by Soul Dawgs
      "The Best is Yet to Come" Composer's version

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